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Blazing Pistols

Blazing Pistols - Survival Heroes Weapons

Blazing Pistols are fast ranged weapons which inflict area damage and grants you control immunity after using a skill.

Attack +26

HP +288

Blazing Pistols skills are:




Each time skill is used, you get Burning Spirit effect, bestowing control immunity for 0.5 seconds.

Explosive Rage

(Physical, Amplifier)


Increases Attack Speed by 30% and Movement Speed by 25%. Strengthens normal attacks to deal group damage. Enemies in range suffer 100% Physical Damage for 4 seconds.

COOLDOWN17.0 (Initial), 16.0 (Lvl1), 15.0 (Lvl2) 14.0 (Lvl3)

Nimble Leaps

(Physical, Movement)


Throws Hook forward, pulling obstacle or powder barrel to self. Hook takes 8 seconds to charge. Up to 5 can be saved up. Passive: Use skill to make your next normal attack a critical hit.

COOLDOWN8 (Initial), 7 (Lvl1), 6 (Lvl2) 5 (Lvl3)

Powder Barrel

(Physical, Damage)


Places a powder barrel at the designated location, dealing 190 (+0.12 x Phys ATK) Physical Damage to the target. Targets within range of the barrel are slowed by 30%. Powder barrel lasts 20 seconds and charges for 10 seconds. Up to 3 can be placed. Powder barrel will disappear after suffering 5 normal attacks. When the player uses Nimble Leaps at the powder barrel, it will explode, dealing 200% Physical Damage to targets in range and stun them for 1 second, at the same time refreshing Nimble Leaps’ cooldown.

BASIC DAMAGE190 (Initial), 263 (Lvl1), 336 (Lvl2) 410 (Lvl3)

COOLDOWN10(Initial), 9 (Lvl1), 8 (Lvl2) 7 (Lvl3)

Proposed Gear:

Vicious Leather Helm – Attack +14, Crit +25.0%. Crit Damage is increased to 250%.

Hurricane War Armor – Attack +20, Attack Speed +40.0%. The main attack deals extra Magic Damage worth 5% current HP (at least 13 points of damage, up to 131 points).

Vicious Leather Pants – Attack Speed +20.0%, Crit +25.0%. Increases Syphon by 8%. Fixed Penetration 12.

Hurricane War Boots – Attack Speed +21.0%, Movement Speed +0.55.

Godbreak Necklace – Attack +15, HP +96. Fixed Penetration 12.

Sharp Binoculars – HP +181, Cooldown Reduction +10.0%.

Blazing Pistols needs to be unlocked and its price is 35000 Gold or 248 Tickets. Blazing Pistols are typically ranged weapons which full potential can be seen in team fights. Mastering the use of Powder Barrels and Hook is essential for proper playing. Keep in mind that after using the Hook your next hit will be critical, so try to exploit this fact as much as you can. It may seem that there are better ranged-weapons at the moment, especially for single missions, but my advice is to unlock Blazing Pistols as soon as you gather enough resources and to practice its use in Team matches – you will see the full power of those weapons in no time.

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