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Welcome to Survival Heroes Weapons page. This is the full description of Survival Heroes weapon Heavy Chop Blade and all its stats, skills, and abilities.

Heavy Chop Blade

Heavy Chop Blade - Survival Heroes Weapons

Heavy Chop Blade is a vicious warrior weapon which makes double damage every 4th strike.

Attack +29

HP +346

Heavy Chop Blade skills are:




Crit attacks will give you a stack of Fury. After getting three stacks, the next normal attack will inflict heavy strike on the enemy: deals double damage; can crit; stuns the target for 0.3 seconds (Max level 0.7 seconds)


(Physical, Invisibility)


Goes invisible for 6 seconds. Invisibility increases your movement speed by 20%. The next time a normal attack is used, a heavy strike will be inflicted upon the enemy, also stabbing forward a certain distance and breaking invisibility. A heavy strike cannot be inflicted once invisibility is broken.

COOLDOWN 11.9 (Initial), 11.4 (Lvl1), 10.9 (Lvl2), 10.4 (Lvl3)




Bestows 1.5 seconds of damage immunity (2.5 seconds at max level). For every hit of damage you take during this time, you recover 3% Max HP (6% at max level).

COOLDOWN24.8 (Initial), 23.8 (Lvl1), 22.8 (Lvl2), 21.8 (Lvl3)




Obtain 10% Siphon, a 30% movement speed increase, and a 50% attack speed increase for 6 seconds. A normal attack will also deal area damage.

COOLDOWN27.7 (Initial), 28.3 (Lvl1), 26.8 (Lvl2), 25.3 (Lvl3)

Proposed Gear:

Vicious Leather Helm – Attack +14, Crit +25.0%. Crit Damage is increased to 250%.

Hurricane War Armor – Attack +20, Attack Speed +40.0%. The main attack deals extra Magic Damage worth 5% current HP (at least 13 points of damage, up to 131 points).

Vicious Leather Pants – Attack Speed +20.0%, Crit +25.0%. Increases Syphon by 8%. Fixed Penetration 12.

Slaughter War Boots – Attack +15, Movement Speed +0.55.

Godbreak Necklace – Attack +15, HP +96. Fixed Penetration 12.

Sharp Binoculars – HP +181, Cooldown Reduction +10.0%.

Proposed Runes:


Heavy Chop Blade needs to be unlocked and its price is 35000 gold or 248 tickets. Heavy Chop Blade is a weapon with greatest damage potential. The weapon is meant for warrior build but it can be actually used as the assassination weapon. Invisibility is very useful for stalking targets after scouting so be sure to activate it few seconds before attacking the enemy. Damage Immunity could be helpful but the cooldown is very big which means that you should use right after initiating the combat. Using Bloodthirst at the right time is crucial for winning battles. Heavy Chop Blade should be opened as soon as possible because this weapon is a game winner.

We hope that you enjoyed the description of Heavy Chop Blade. For detailed information about other weapons in Survival Heroes check our Survival Heroes Weapons page.