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Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff – First Impressions

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Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff indie video game is out now, that takes you to an open-world RPG setting to do sword, and magic, and…you know…stuff. The game just launched its Early Access on Steam, but at first glance, it does look quite finished in my book, so I take a closer look.

Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff – First Impressions

Development and reception

First of all, yes, the game is really called Sword n’ Magic and Stuff, word for word. That pretty much explains the gist of it also, for there aren’t lasers and space ships in it. The game is developed and published by Kindred Games, which is actually a one-man studio.

The guy is called Michael Kocha and this is his first effort as far as we know. And, a pretty damn good one at that. Funding was made via Kickstarter and the game raised over $79k from over 2200 backers.

Sword n’ Magic and Stuff release date was on September 8, 2020, and it is currently only available for PC via Steam and macOS. The best news is that already it has a very positive average review, with a solid review count. It is in early access but, as mentioned, the game looks and feels pretty done and that is what users are praising, among other things.

Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff – First Impressions


At first glance, I’ve gotten the impression that this title takes its basic tricks from Minecraft, with the open-world liberty it offers and the overall visuals. But, it quickly proved me wrong with obviously new and innovative mechanics of its own, a well-chosen visual presentation, and a story-driven content. You are placed in an open world of basic shapes and models, but this game achieves so much with it in terms of storytelling that it’s wonderous.

The story happens in the fantasy realm of Tirawyn. It was ruled by King Owynn, as the story goes, who has fallen under a dark curse. Seeking a cure for their king, his loyal and mighty Paladins have left the lands unguarded and trouble quickly found its way into the kingdom.

The player takes on the role of a humble aspiring adventurer, fresh off the agricultural field, and aims to aid the afflicted kingdom. The story takes us on a journey of discovery, friendship, challenges, combat, and much more as it is not only our destiny that’s at stake.

Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff – First Impressions


As an open-world RPG, we do get much more than we can expect from the genre alone, but the core gameplay is all there of course. The player controls a character from a 3rd person view, moving on the traditional wsad or other designated keys and aiming with the mouse. Other interactions are spread around the mouse and keyboard appropriately.

Combat itself does depend on player skill greatly, as it involves dodging and moving at the right moment, as much as attacking. Mastering this is no minor feat and it will change the gameplay experience greatly for you.

Since it is an early access stage of Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff, despite the game being open-world, there are many areas and things still not available. They are usually labeled with a hammer & anvil sign, usually found on buildings or areas that can’t be accessed. Also, some NPCs will simply say, when interacted with, that “this part of the story is not yet integrated into the game”

You have all of the RPG hallmarks you might expect, with a few surprises. There’s leveling, abilities, weapons, crafting, and stuff…

Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff – First Impressions


As mentioned, despite being in early access, the game looks quite finished visually speaking. Things that are not finished are mainly some areas of the game or parts of the story that are to come, but the core gameplay, the mechanics, and other functional things are all accounted for.

Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff uses basic modeling with clean textures and not a lot of details, which kind of help the overall atmosphere I feel. It is as it should be. However, it does not lack visual cues and everything works out well in my opinion.

These toned-down textures and models help the game run smoothly, while everything is still polished up nicely and it does look impressive, don’t get me wrong.

The game is offered on Steam for $19.99 currently and in my opinion, it is quite worth it. As mentioned, it is a one-man-developed project, funded via Kickstarted for around $70K, and it is more than its money’s worth let me tell you. Sword ‘n Magic and Stuff is just the right adventure to upgrade from Minecraft or similar games.

Excerpt: A one-man-developed open-world RPG in its early access, but looking quite finished. It is a cool game that uses the genre’s hallmarks and adds its own worth to the whole thing…and stuff…