Sword of Chaos Review

Sword of Chaos is easily one of the most action-oriented and polished MMORPG games currently on the market. And no, before you ask, this game is not related to the Warhammer universe, unless it consists of jiggly breasted anime girls now. Which I sincerely doubt. The studio behind Sword of Chaos is Allstar Games, known for Goddess: Primal Chaos and Seal: The New World, both of which are action MMORPGs featuring cute anime girls doing heroic things and wielding oversized weapons.

Sword of Chaos follows that well-established formula, enhancing it even more. Characters are even more stylized in anime style, eyes are bigger, boobs are bigger and weapons are absolutely humongous. Probably the biggest fantasy element of this game is how these girls even manage to move under all that burden. But, let’s take it as the trope of the genre and the need to appeal to the major demographics, which are teenage boys.

This game will plunge you into a fantasy world full of adventures, monsters, knights, mages, battles and scantily-clad women. Especially that last article. If you’re into the cartoon curves, you’ll have your share of mammaries for weeks. This game knows what its biggest trump card for captivating players is, and it’s not shy to use it bountifully.

The main story unfolds in a fantasy world ruled by the god ‘Tauris Mirage’. Tauris is a playful character who easily gets bored, and has set the character ‘Queen Humbaba’ to cause mischief within the realms. This mischief has quickly led to an unexpected, and unpredictable war between the various realms and their inhabitants. Asuna, the Justice Goddess, has formed the order of the “Blood Knights”, which is sworn to defend and protect the world from evil forces and reinstate the balance caused by this terrible war. Players will join the Blood Knights to help protect the kingdom.

You start the game by choosing between four classes. Sword Master is, obviously, the most skilled with the blades, Enchantress is a spellcaster, Sharpshooter is ranged weapons expert and Blood Hunter is a melee specialist. Each of them has unique skills and roles, and you can equip a variety of upgradeable abilities to mix-and-match for the content your character is facing. After you’re done choosing and equipping your character, you’ll be thrown into the series of story quest missions. The main storyline is split into 8 chapters, each with 8 levels, including a final Boss Level. Alongside the main storyline, the 8 chapters repeat in a ‘heroic’ mode. Finally, each chapter, from Chapter 2 onward, includes its own ‘Trial’ stage at the end. Each of chapters is set within a different realm, with increasingly dangerous enemies and bosses. As with all adventure games, the storyline evolves with various Side Quests, based within the realms and the various locations on the main map. On your journey, you’ll have to defeat a ton of enemies like centaurs, werewolves, and goatmen by performing a variety of different combos.

The more enemies you defeat, the faster you’ll level up and unlock new skills and outfits. Then, when you’re feeling confident in your ability, you can tackle harder content like team dungeons and PvP.

The battle system is typical for an RPG, you control the movement of your character by joypad on the left and your attack buttons are on the right. Except for normal attack, which is, as usual, the biggest button, every character has six skill attacks, but only four of them can be equipped at the same time, so choose wisely. Skill attacks drain mana and need some time for cooldown, and some of them even have secondary and tertiary, which is activated by tapping repeatedly or holding down the button. All skill attacks have an alternative move which can be unlocked with special items, called insignia stones.

The skill system can be divided into many sub-variants, so the player can develop their own unique set of combos to fight the enemies. If you observe Bosses you might find openings before their attacks. Using that weakness you can even clear all your battles without any harm.

You can use all those combat skills in solving your Quests. There are a variety of Quests in this game, and usually, an NPC with a question mark means you can accept a Quest from it and an NPC with an exclamation mark means you can turn in your completed Quest to it. Generally, you can only have one Main Quest and one Sub Quest at the same time. The normal quests will not come back after completing, but there are also loop quests which, as the name suggests, will repeat.

Although this game supports single play, it’s much easier and more entertaining to fight monsters and complete daily quests within a group of friends. And that’s where this game truly shines. One of the great gameplay elements in Sword of Chaos are Guilds. When a player reaches Level 15, he needs to pay 20 000 gold in order to establish their own guild, but they can join already existing guilds for free. In order to do that, you need to find Guild Administrator, which can be contacted directly or from the Guild menu. If you are a Guild member, you can see the other members’ details in the Members selection. There are also plenty of special Guild events. The Guilds are led by Guild Masters, which have the supreme authority over its members, and can promote guild members into Officers, demote or expel the Officers or even disband the Guild (although I wouldn’t recommend that).

But, there are more socialization options. At level 30, the Prestige System becomes available. You can earn Prestige points and use them to increase levels of your characters, and you have a chance to get direct leveling-up. The higher your Prestige EXP, the better the chance of directly leveling-up. This feature will give you a significant stat boost, which will help you advance through the game with less trouble. The most interesting option in this game comes with reaching the 40th Level. When you reach it, you’ll be able to team-up and marry another player. All you have to do is to find a Bishop and ask him to conduct the ceremony. Interesting enough, you don’t have any gender limitation, so the same gender marriages are included too. I’m not sure how benevolently will Chinese players react to this, especially because Blood Hunters are basically humanoid wolves. Curiously enough, this game enforces strict monogamy, and you can have only one spouse. There are three scales of weddings, low-profile, high- profile and luxurious, and each one costs differently and gets different bonuses to players. By staying married for a certain amount of days, you’ll receive some unique titles as a reward. Unfortunately, since no marriage is perfect, this game also has a divorce feature at the same Bishop. For every action you do during your married status, you’ll get Affection points that will boost your stats additionally. By reaching a certain amount of Weekly Affection, both sides will be receiving amazing rewards accordingly.

Sword of Chaos might have one of the most detailed social aspects seen in any mobile MMORPG game. But even if we put that aside, this game offers tons of entertaining content in a fantasy world. I’m pretty sure Sword of Chaos will be one of those games you’ll hear about when players start to discuss best mobile RPGs.

Sword of Chaos Review



Sword of Chaos might have one of the most detailed social aspects seen in any mobile MMORPG game. But even if we put that aside, this game offers tons of entertaining content in a fantasy world. I’m pretty sure Sword of Chaos will be one of those games you’ll hear about when players start to discuss best mobile RPGs.

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