Tacticool Tips and Tricks


Tacticool mobile action shooter extravaganza surprised everyone with its success. In just a short while, the game managed to establish itself as a fan favorite. Featuring its cleverly solved 3rd person and enhanced mechanics, weapons, and physics comparing to other games of its genre, it may very well be a hard hitter pretty soon.

Tacticool Awards

As proof, we are not just saying that Panzerdog’s Tacticool won many prestigious gaming awards in 2018. It won the 1st place on the GTP Indie Cup Summer, 1st place <<Indie Showcase>> competition, 2nd at the Big Indie Pitch, and was a finalist in NGDC Season III, all in 2018.

The game has had over 1 million installs on Google Play and earned a 4.5-star rating with almost 17 thousand votes. The App Store doesn’t provide precise download data, but the game had 916 reviews and has an impressive 4.8-star rating and holding #21 rank in adventure rankings for iOS.



Panzerdog is an indie developer from mother Russia, backed by Mail.ru Games Ventures and Aii Corporation. The previously worked in the shadows on Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, while the developer credits are signed by HeroCraft Ltd. There. They also had a hand in Quiz Tales. The name is a strange reminiscent of an old PC game Panzer General and it wouldn’t be a surprise that these gentlemen are old school gamers.

Tacticool Tips and Tricks

When you are not on a mission and looking at the home screen, tap the menu icon on the top left corner. Tap the ‘Settings’ at the bottom and there you’ll find all the options to customize your gameplay style for this action shooter. The options are as follows, with our tips included:

Graphics and Visuals

Seeing the enemy, tracking their movement, and responding in kind is crucial to get some kills. This is why it is important to have a good feeling of the surrounding terrain, bumps, walls, high ground advantage points, and cover. This is why you should consider going to the ‘Settings’ menu, tapping the ‘Graphics’ tab, and setting up the desired visuals. Now, if your phone is solid, it should be able to support 60fps with ultra settings, which will give you a distinct advantage in the game, especially with the physics and the intuitive feeling of the surroundings.

Tacticool Controls and Movement

Now, Tacticool 5v5 shooter is meant to be a mash-up of all sorts of players who are just looking for fun, but having some patience is always good. Particularly, people are mostly giving the game mixed feedback for the controls. Well, in the settings menu you can set up the controls sensitivity, which is set at about 30% by default but we recommend around 50% for a good response and fast movement.

Additionally, when trying to move out of the line of fire or trying to ambush someone, do not forget the ‘Crouch’ and the ‘Tumble’ abilities. Tumble can be of great value and it is why it has a 10-second cooldown.  

Furthermore, you can set up the entire game’s UI to suit your personal convenience. You can change the position of the tapping spots as per your desire. Because both of your thumbs are always busy, one for walking other for turning, we suggest you do not move all of the weapon functions to the right side, even though this may be a good solution for beginners. But, moving the crouching button from left to right can prove to give you a faster response time when under fire.

How to win in Tacticool?

Tacticool 5v5 shooter is a multiplayer game, 5v5, and thus encourages teamwork. Even when you are just playing solo and matchmaking puts you together with random players with whom you do not have any tactics in store, you can make the most of it by sticking together. Just pick a player and stick together.

Stay together when defending a position, of course. When moving in on an enemy, do not be too close together because it will be a good advantage point for an enemy grenade. Also, when exchanging fire with an enemy in close combat, both of you shooting at each other frantically, try to predict when you’ll need to reload and save your tumble for that. Tumble to cover and reload. Also, after successfully tumbling to cover, try and let the enemy come to you while waiting in a crouching position. Most people will chase if they are not too clever.

Tacticool Guns

Guns in Tacticool do matter, but there is no gun that is the best or the strongest, no matter what people say in the feedback. If you just have a gun or a plain rifle, try to stay close to someone who has something else, like a sniper or a shotgun. Diversity will beat people who just think one playstyle beats all, anytime.