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Brave Conquest Tips and Tricks

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Brave Conquest tips presented below are entirely based on the experience of yours truly. I like this game and I will continue to play it, while these tips and tricks are something I’ve managed to figure out so far. I will only talk about things I’ve tried out, especially the Heroes, and I will update […]

Top 5 August Mobile Games

Top 5 Mobile Games 2019-1

1. Dead Cells An old school pixel art action platform – need we say more? Dead Cells, the Motion Twin’s incredible new take on the entire genre mash-up, broke all boundaries. Including all platform versions of the game, it has sold in over 2 million units and was nominated for the “Best Indie Game” award […]

Brave Conquest Review

Brave Conquest Review

Brave Conquest mobile game was released about a month ago and it’s still not too late to give up all your free time. Are you finding yourself playing fewer video games than before? You’ve just managed to quit playing a game you were addicted to for a whole year? Well, don’t sweat! Brave Conquest mobile […]