durango wild lands

You can now pre-register for Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands is probably the hottest prospect for the future in the past couple of years. The initial release date was set for 25th January 2018, but its developer Nexon had encountered a problem. Actually, the game itself was six years in development, prior to that 2018 release date. The concept was so tempting […]

Durango: Wild Lands

Even when it was in the beta stages, Durango: Wild Lands was known as that mobile game with dinosaurs and half-naked people. Developed by What! Studio and published by Nexon, this is a stealth, scavenging, open world, sandbox, MMO, constructing, and an adventure game with dinosaurs in Durango Colorado. The game had an astonishing 2.5 […]