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Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – Our thoughts and tips

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1-6

Welcome to our not-so-short overview of the update 1.6 for Heroic Magic Duel. First, let’s quickly summarize what the update 1.6 brought us and after that will go through every card and change, one by one. Rebalancing of 16 minion cards Rebalancing of 6 spells 5 new minion cards Shrine of the Serpent – the […]

Top 5 Mobile Games for July 2019

Top 5 Mobile Games July 2019

Mobile gaming industry is ever-growing and ever-expanding, re-imagining old genres, fusing them together, and also producing new trends all the time. The latest one is of course what is often dubbed auto chess genre. It began as a Dota 2 mod and is now represented in Dota Underlords and other games. More games of this […]

Broodling Solo and Azuhul the Foul Guild Event

Heroic Magic Solo and Guild event Alay'na

Welcome to our overview of the two Heroic Magic Duel events! Here we will talk about the main features of both events and we will also offer some tips on how to get the most out of them. Let’s get started! Heroes Magic Duel Broodling Azuhul Offspring – Solo Event First and foremost, this Heroes […]

Heroic – Magic Duel had a global release yesterday

Heroic-Magic Duel Global Release

Heroic – Magic Duel is another Nordeus’ passion project. This time, instead of football the Serbian developers decided to give us a thrilling, epic fast-paced strategy. If this is the first time you are hearing about Nordeus developers, they gave the world Top Eleven, which is one of the best manager simulation mobile games in […]

Heroic – Magic Duel


Heroic – Magic Duel is a real-time strategy game developed by Nordeus, famous for their football simulation Top Eleven. This game intends to mesmerize you with its beautiful fantasy art style, breathtaking arenas and a massive collection of Heroes, minions, and spells. In the beginning, you are taken to the Battlefield, which is divided into […]