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Fantastic News! Fantastic Four are here at last!

3.4 Update Featured

One month has passed since the last MSF update and everyone asked themselves what FoxNext should introduce next to keep the game alive and interesting. Truth to be told, Sinister Six Heroes did not change the game balance at all. At the matter of fact, they were a big disappointment, at least for me. My […]

Top 5 Marvel Games for Mobile

Top 5 Marvel mobile Games

1. Marvel Super War Marvel Super War mobile game is one of the most recent mobile games featuring everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes, and it is the first MOBA game that does so. Thus, it has grown to become pretty popular, pretty fast. It is a free-to-play MOBA with an ever growing number of Marvel Heroes […]

Mysterio – Master of illusions and ultimate debuffer

Marvel Strike Force Mysterio Featured

FoxNext surprised us again! Out of nowhere, Mysterio appeared in our rosters. He was on a loading screen after the last update but nothing suggested that we will be able to see him in our rosters yet. Good thing is that I check the entire roster on the daily bases because otherwise, I wouldn’t have […]

Herman Shultz aka Shocker joined the Sinister Six at last!

Marvel Strike Force Shocker Featured

FoxNext continued its good tradition to introduce new Heroes on regular bases. This week a Super Villain Shocker entered our MSF rosters. Shocker price is 15 shards and he will be available through Vibro-Smasher Orbs and 2 upcoming Vibro-Smasher Blitz. Herman Shultz was born in New York and from the young age, he showed interest […]

Defenders beware! Sinister Six are in the city!

3.3.0 Update MSF

This week FoxNext surprised us with another update. Update 3.3 is bringing us an announcement for new Sinister Six Heroes and a lot of game fixes and upgrades. Here is a list of changes: MVP Tracking – The number of times you’ve been the MVP is now tracked in Player stats and Alliance stats. Canceled […]

Ultimus 7 Raid Fully Revealed!

marvel strike force raids guide

Welcome to Marvel Strike Force Ultimus 7 Raid Guide. Here you will find all the important information about Ultimus 7 Raid along with suggestions for creating an ideal Ultimus 7 Raid team. Ultimus 7 Raid Hello MSF heroes, long-expected Ultimus 7 is upon us! A new raid was announced a few months ago but we […]

The Brawler Team is finally complete – America Chavez is here!


As announced in MSF 3.2 Update notes, FoxNext introduced a new brawler. America Chavez is meant to be an ideal addition to Ms.Marvel Brawler squad and more importantly, now we have an LGBTQ Latina woman SuperHero in Marvel Strike Force (it’s a Pride Month after all). I am not saying that political correctness was the […]

FoxNext’s Guide – How to ruin a successful product in just one week

Dark Phoenix X-Man

BlueMoonGame features MSF for more than a year now and during that time we wrote numerous articles in our attempt to promote this game in the best possible way. It is true that we sometimes criticized FoxNext’s decisions but that was only because we wanted to be constructive and helpful, hoping that someone in FoxNext […]

Marvel Strike Force 3.2 Update – The rise of the X-Men

3.2.0 Update

As expected, FoxNext released a long-awaited 3.2 Update. New Heroes, new Red Star promotion mechanics and more. Here is the list of all changes: 3 new playable characters: Psylocke, Colossus, and America Chavez. Legendary character coming soon – Phoenix Elite Store tab – Duplicate Elite Red Stars now progress toward higher-tier Elite Orbs. Specific Red […]

Rescue is fixed. We got a new META team in Marvel Strike Force!

MSF Rescue Improved

A few days ago I wrote an article where I shared my disappointment about Rescue and her in-game value. Obviously, I was not the only one who realized that Rescue’s skillset is almost useless because FoxNext fixed her special skill and made of her what she supposed to be in the first place. Only one […]