Tropico - Android

After a long wait Tropico is out on Android

Tropico, a hit mobile game that’s been delightfully accepted by the iOS crows in the past couple of months, is now finally here for Android users as well. As of September 5th, if you have an Android phone you can play as everyone’s favorite dictator of the Caribbean island. This game was published by Kalypso […]

Top 5 Mobile Games 2019-1

Top 5 August Mobile Games

1. Dead Cells An old school pixel art action platform – need we say more? Dead Cells, the Motion Twin’s incredible new take on the entire genre mash-up, broke all boundaries. Including all platform versions of the game, it has sold in over 2 million units and was nominated for the “Best Indie Game” award […]

Coffee Craze Idle Barista

Coffee Craze – Idle Barista Tycoon is here!

Mmmm, coffee! The perfect way to start every day. It’s also a great beverage to drink during your work break. Now, you can run your own coffee shop and help a countless number of people regain their energy! Coffee Craze – Idle Barista Tycoon is here and it offers you just that – an opportunity […]

Play Store

Over 11 billion mobile games were downloaded in Q2 of 2019

Mobile game’s downloads for Q2 of 2019 surpassed 11.2 billion just a few days ago. That’s April through June as Q2, and most of them were on Google Play, which is a staggering number! According to an App Index report App Annie, Q2 2019 has seen game’s account for 35% of all global mobile app […]

Train Taxi Review

Train Taxi Review

Coming from SayGames, Train Taxi mobile game is another new way or a re-imagination of the Snake genre. Train Taxi mobile is a Snake game essentially, but not without its own contribution to the genre. The game is officially in the puzzle genre and this is where the secret lies and we were interested to […]

Playing Games on Older Smartphones

Can you play new Mobile Games on Old Phones?

So, you want to play PUBG, Fortnite or the timeless GTA collections on your slightly old smartphone? Maybe you’re stuck on iPhone 6, or you don’t see the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note S7 and the S9. Should you upgrade or do modern games run smoothly on old smartphones? Performance Mobile games are all […]

Mobile Games Becoming Mainstream

It’s official – mobile games are mainstream in the U.S.A.

Mobile games became a mainstream phenomenon in the U.S.A. according to Tapjoy’s newest study. They literally spread to every corner of the States and gaming brands and developers have reached every major population sector and demographic layer. The study has included several other research finds and the whole thing was published on May 15, 2019, […]

The most viewed Mobile esport of 2018

Is there a sure way of separating good games from the bad ones? I often think about it, but finding an answer is not always straight forward because it depends on the game genre. For competitive games this is relatively simple, one just has to follow what the global audience is saying and the viewership […]

PC Still On Top

PC is still No.1 game platform followed by mobiles

The latest reports from the game industry show that only about 18% of developers are working on the next generation of games. The survey was done among nearly 4,000 developers with the goal to find out what developers around the world are intending to do in the following years. Turns out that some 16% of […]

NetEase 11 – Hour curfew for kids is here – You’re welcome, parents!

NetEase was working on the new way to answer to all the addiction reports and the parent’s complaints about the under-aged getting the worst of it. The Chinese publisher released a press release statement a few days ago, where they announced that the anti-addiction system is being integrated now and that it will target precisely […]