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Top 5 Marvel Games for Mobile

Top 5 Marvel mobile Games

1. Marvel Super War Marvel Super War mobile game is one of the most recent mobile games featuring everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes, and it is the first MOBA game that does so. Thus, it has grown to become pretty popular, pretty fast. It is a free-to-play MOBA with an ever growing number of Marvel Heroes […]

Marvel Strike Force – Update 3.1

3.1.0 Update MSF

A day before the global premiere of “Avengers: End Game”, FoxNext released a new update as they promised. There were a lot of rumors regarding this update before the actual release, mostly about Agent Coulson who is predicted to be a new addition to S.H.I.E.L.D. team but in reality, we got something nobody expected. Truth […]

Wakandans are complete and ready for battle!

Wakanda Featured

In the last few days, FoxNext quietly placed last 2 members of the Wakandan team in MSF roster. Okoye was introduced on  April 10th and Shuri came to our rosters on  April 12th without big announcements by the developers. In a matter a fact we received in-game information that M’Baku’s passive was changed, but nothing […]

MSF 2.4 Update – “The end of the Brotherhood Reign”


On Thursday, February 21, MSF 2.4 Update became available for all platforms. This long-expected update brought us everything we wanted except the main thing – Alliance War is postponed once again. I don’t know about you but I slowly began to think that I will not see Alliance War during my life and I am very unhappy because […]

Marvel Strike Force Developer Update 9

marvel strike force

Greetings Commanders, This most recent announcement came much to everyone’s delight, as 3 new heroes are joining up the fight. The Guardians of the Galaxy seem to be at the center of attention these last few Marvel Strike Force Patches, and developer update 9 will see Mantis coming aboard the Guardians’ ship. The entire team […]

MSF 2.3.0 Update is finally released!

MSF update

Long expected, 2.3.0 Update, was released yesterday after several announcements. MSF community eagerly awaited for the update but at the end, we got almost nothing. Three new heroes were announced – War Machine, Carnage and Mantis but only War Machine appeared in our roster which means that we will have to wait for Mantis and Carnage much […]

MARVEL Strike Force Upcoming V.2.3 Update for 2019

MSF Update V2.3

With the end of 2018, the MARVEL Strike Force developing team is opening a new chapter for the upcoming 2019, and they are determined to follow up on all major fans’ demands. Firstly, the updates and the in-game issues will be presented and solved shortly. And, some of your favorite heroes will receive an overhaul, […]

Tier Lists for Marvel Strike Force 2.1 are finally here

Tier Lists for Marvel Strike Force 2.1

EDIT: The latest Marvel Strike Force patch 3.0 can be found HERE 3 weeks ago Foxnext released MSF version 2.1 with new heroes who changed the overall game balance. As you know, BlueMoonGame features every new MSF update and present you Tier Lists accordingly. This time we waited to see the changes in the game balance through […]

Marvel Strike Force Developer Update No. 7

Marvel Strike Force Update No. 7

Just like you are used to, we bring you the newest scope on the Marvel Strike Force developer update, a seventh in a row so far. And this time around, we are happy to announce the Brotherhood of Mutants. First of all, let’s start with a dazzling blue lady we adore – Mystique. She comes […]

Wolverine’s evil counterpart entered the fray. Beware of the Sabretooth!

marvel strike force sabretooth

Just two weeks ago FoxNext presented us with Mystique and now we can farm another Mutant. Sabretooth delivers nothing new into Marvel Strike Force since most of his abilities are already seen in the game but his statistics combined with skills and upcoming Mutants from Brotherhood could change the current game balance. We already know […]