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Release date for The Witcher Netflix Series leaked

Witcher Series Featured

The Witcher Netflix release date was accidentally revealed and it’s apparently in December 2019. The show was pinned down as a 2019 release, so this isn’t much, but at least we know we are going to have a Merry Christmas. The exact date is not set, but with all the delightful accomplishments of the seventh […]

Netflix is bringing He-Man back in form of Anime Series

He-Man Masters of the Universe anime series Netflix

Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix is officially happening. While a joint effort by Mattell, the license owner, and Sony already has a live-action movie in the works set for 2021, now we get an anime series that is a direct sequel to the ‘80s TV animated show. And, perhaps the best part about […]

The Witcher series official teaser was just dropped by Netflix

Netfliks Witcher Series

Finally, The Witcher series official teaser trailer shows us a little more than just photos of Henry Cavil…it shows us his beefbuzz biceps! Okay, all jokes aside, the critically acclaimed book and game franchise is coming to Netflix in late 2019, and as we approach the release date, the unveiling of the characters and the […]

Why Netflix Canceled The Punisher And Jessica Jones?

The last two comic books Netflix shows still standing, have been canceled a few days ago, as you already undoubtedly heard. Jessica Jones and The Punisher have been canceled after two seasons, following the cancelation of Daredevil earlier last year paired with Luke Cage cancelation and the Iron Fists’ finale. Now all 5 of these […]

Netflix Says Its Greatest Competitor Is Fortnite, Not HBO

Fortnite is Netflix competition

Fortnite is the king of the gaming world, and fierce competition to other titles and their developers. However, it’s easy to forget that every media form we experience requires our time. And so, Netflix concluded, one might say quite realistically, that their greatest competitor is, in fact, Fortnite and not HBO as many perceived.  Granted, […]

Netflix cancels Luke Cage after two seasons

netflix luke cage

Just a week after they canceled Iron Fist, Netflix decided to pull the plug on Luke Cage too. That would make two canceled Netflix shows in the same number of weeks. Both shows aired for two seasons, but Luke Cage received generally more positive reviews comparing to the Iron Fist, so canceling the third season […]