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Forged of Blood Review

Forged of Blood Featured

Whenever I come across “Tactical RPG” description in-game, spider-sense starts to tingle. This meant only one thing: an entire week with liters of coffee and tons of snacks before the Forged of Blood Review is available. It is the first game that comes from a young developer team Critical Forge consisting of only 8 members. […]

God Eater 3 Review

God Eater 3 Review

There is something about giant monsters the Japanese people like, which is quite apparent when you look at their most popular franchises, classic and modern alike. Godzilla, Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Super Sentai (also known as Power Rangers), they all lean heavily on the trope of desperate survivors fighting against giant monsters against all […]

The Stillness of the Wind Tells a Story of Loneliness of the Heart

The Stillness of the Wind Review

If you ask around about why games are significant in human life, probably the average answer will be that they help us escape reality. But, once in a while, a game shows up that doesn’t offer an escape but rather a reminder of the world we live in and things that we may have forgotten, […]

Anthem Demo – Impressions are here

Anthem Upcoming for PC,PS4, Xbox

This weekend was a lot of fun since Electronic Arts decided to allow everyone interested to try the demo for their upcoming and highly anticipated game Anthem. BioWare’s team behind Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is back again to create an ambitious title that EA is hoping to define the […]

The most important gaming moments in 2018

2018 Gaming Moments

The year is coming to its end and it is usually the time for some recaps, recollections, and top lists. We decided to put all of that in one article, where we will count out the most prominent, thrilling, shocking, and generally most impressive gaming moments from this year. We have to admit that despite […]

New Civilization 6 Expansion Gathering Storm is tackling the Climate Change Problem

civilization 6 gathering storm

Since the release date of the new expansion for Civilization 6 – dramatically dubbed Gathering Storm – is getting nearer by the day (14th February 2019 for PC, while owners of other platforms can expect it soon after that), it’s the suitable moment to discuss what innovations we can expect to see from it. First […]

Storm Boy, The Game

Storm Boy is the timeless story of a boy, his pelican friend, the strong emotional bond they share and their loving relationship. And, yeah, I know how corny this sounds. But let’s put the modern-day cynicism of adulthood aside for a moment, and try to recall the time when we perceived the world with much […]