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Switch is surpassing PS4 lifetime sales

Switch leading in sales

Nintendo Switch has been cashing its way to the top since the console came out on March 3, 2017, surpassing many competitors along the way. Now, after two years, Switch is taking one of the biggest earners in console history – PS4. According to Japanese top earning charts, Nintendo Switch is pretty close to surpass […]

Path of Exile finally got the release date on PlayStation 4

Path of Exile Synthesis PS4

A few of days ago Grinding Gear Games came out with the announcement that their Diablo-like action RPG Path of Exile will be released on PlayStation 4 at March 26th. This popular free-to-play game will arrive at the Sony console together with the newest expansion, Synthesis. Grinding Gear Games announced this news on their Twitter […]

Bonds of the Skies for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Japanese video game publisher Kemco announced today that their RPG game Bonds of the Skies has arrived to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation version is available starting from today on the North American PlayStation Store, while Switch users will be able to get their copy via Nintendo eShop from March 7. Bonds of the […]

Anthem Demo – Impressions are here

Anthem Upcoming for PC,PS4, Xbox

This weekend was a lot of fun since Electronic Arts decided to allow everyone interested to try the demo for their upcoming and highly anticipated game Anthem. BioWare’s team behind Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is back again to create an ambitious title that EA is hoping to define the […]

PC is still No.1 game platform followed by mobiles

PC Still On Top

The latest reports from the game industry show that only about 18% of developers are working on the next generation of games. The survey was done among nearly 4,000 developers with the goal to find out what developers around the world are intending to do in the following years. Turns out that some 16% of […]

PS4 joined Rocket League cross-platform – they got a whole package

Rocket League Released On PS4

Rocket League is the game which teased a total multi-platform in several announcements and interviews of Psyonix executives. Last October, there was a public statement on Reddit made by the CEO of Psyonics, in which is stated that it would take a while to unify the community. A few days ago, on the Rocket League […]

The most important gaming moments in 2018

2018 Gaming Moments

The year is coming to its end and it is usually the time for some recaps, recollections, and top lists. We decided to put all of that in one article, where we will count out the most prominent, thrilling, shocking, and generally most impressive gaming moments from this year. We have to admit that despite […]

Spyro Reignited Trilogy – Let the Nostalgia Kick In

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Nostalgia seems to be the key for success in the recent years with so many pop-cultural titles emerging all around, and don’t get me started with Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls revival tours. But someone as cute as Spyro will most certainly pique the interest of all those gamers who stayed late all those days […]

Storm Boy, The Game

Storm Boy is the timeless story of a boy, his pelican friend, the strong emotional bond they share and their loving relationship. And, yeah, I know how corny this sounds. But let’s put the modern-day cynicism of adulthood aside for a moment, and try to recall the time when we perceived the world with much […]

Tetris Effect – Who Said Tetris Can’t Look Flashy?

Tetris Effect Review

A genuine part of gaming history, Tetris will be remembered for many things: as a revolutionary concept that had inaugurated the tile-matching craze, a game that successfully combined the need for dexterity and genuine skills in combinatorics, as well as a supreme addictiveness that had kept millions of gamers glued to the screens for more […]