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PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update is here and it brings some interesting new things

Pubg 0.14.0 update

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update is now live and it brought several things players have been eagerly awaiting, including the New Character System. There is also an addition of the Infection Mode and Map, where the players can now become zombies. Also, a newly released global Treasures of the Seven Seas hunt has begun and there […]

PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Global Finals are being held this weekend

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Global Finals are set to happen in Berlin with World’s top sixteen teams that emerged victorious after the regional qualifiers. The qualifier rounds lasted for several months and the last ones were held just days ago at the PMCO 2019 Spring Split Global Finals, held on 20th and 21st July. […]

New update for PUBG Mobile is here

PUBG Mobile 0 13 5 is Out!

PUBG Mobile update 0.13.5 is now live on Android and iOS and it is bringing tons of anticipated stuff, like the Upgraded Season System, new Royale Pass, iOS Background downloading feature, and more. This update has proven to be quite useful in its beta testing stages for both Android and iOS and now Season 8 […]

PUBG Mobile is implementing a new “Gameplay Management” System Worldwide

Pubg Mobile New Gameplay Management

Breaking News: PUBG Mobile is encouraging responsibility in players. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have just introduced a new totally new “gameplay management system” after the recent PUBG bans and it focuses on players under 18 years of age. It is released worldwide and it is designed to promote responsibility in the entire player community and team play. […]

PUBG Mobile’s replacement, Game for Peace, is performing great in China

Game for Peace

Game for Peace, or better known as PUBG China’s PUBG Mobile replacement, went past a $14M sales mark, seventy-two hours after the launch! Based on the findings Sensor Tower published after accounting for in-app purchases and all, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) replacement in China destroyed the 72-hour record and became the highest earning game on […]

New Update for PUBG Mobile is almost here

pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile update is coming on April 17th, 2019, and the servers are expected to go on an 8-hour offline status. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds patch will fix and address all the major issues accumulated in the period since the last changes made and will also kick off the new season. So, sometime tonight, servers will be […]

Alan Walker X PUBG Mobile – “Be The One”

Alan Walker X PUBG Mobile – “Be The One”

Alan Walker’s PUBG Mobile song “On My Way” was recently released and it doesn’t just mark a milestone in his career but it showcases the opportunities such collaborations provide us all with. Alan already announces that this is just the beginning and that more songs and similar projects are coming along, as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds community […]

PUBG Mobile celebrates the first anniversary

PUBG Anniversary

March 19th, 2018 was the date when PUBG Mobile was launched. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of that occasion, Tencent games and PUBG Corp decided to give the game a new version which adds some very pleasant surprises for the players. this game has reached some very significant numeric values, among them being […]

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 will have 2 million prize pool


This spring another PUBG Mobile Club Open, a year-long event that has both pro and semi-pro teams competing, will begin. This time the prize pool will be unbelievable or 2 million dollars, which is the largest fund ever for PUBG Mobile. This year, Mobile Club will be divided into Spring Split and Fall Split. Each […]

PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Collaboration Is Live

PUBG Mobile - Resident Evil 2

Back in December, we wrote about an exciting thing happening for the PUBG Mobile players. Namely, it was announced that one of the most anticipated games Resident Evil 2 will have a cameo in the PUBG universe and now, a couple of months later, that moment is finally here. Zombie: Survive till Dawn is the […]