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Space Cows – you like to moove it mooove it?

Space Cows

Space Cows, a twin-stick shooter is now live on PC and Nintendo Switch. Developed and presented by All in! Games and Happy Corruption, this title premiered on Sept 5. and it has delighted some reviewers already. Mainly, everyone is praising this game’s weapon of choice, which is a weaponized plunger, while fighting ‘mootants’ in a […]

Overwatch coming to Switch in October

Overwatch Cominng to switch

Overwatch Nintendo Switch release date set for October! Nintendo Direct broadcast just confirmed that the owners of their Switch console will get the chance to play the Overwatch Legendary Edition, starting in North America from October 15. Blizzard also foreshadowed the arrival of their online shooter by having a carry case for the portable console […]

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad Review

Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad Review

Bombastic Brothers Android and iOS is a video game that is largely reminiscent of the old school 2D side-scrolling shooters. If you loved Metal Slug series, Mega Man franchise, or even Earth Worm Jim, this 2D action shooting game will take you back for a fun ride. In fact, it will even take you beyond, […]

Outbreak: Dead Crisis Review

Outbreak Dead Crysis Review

Outbreak: Dead Crisis is a highly ambitious and cleverly assembled zombie shooter, made by a 3-man development team that recognizes what a true shooter fan wants to play. The game represents a new concept with innovations in the genre as well as an overall improved grasp on the action and the pacing of FPS games. […]