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Stardew Valley Android Review

Stardew Valley Review

It has been whole 5 months since one of the most celebrated independent games, Stardew Valley, arrived in iOS. Now, this 3-year-old game will be available for Android too, on the Google Play store. Starting with March 14th, you can buy this game for 8 dollars. Finally, Android users got their own version of this […]

Farming RPG Stardew Valley Finally on Android

Stardew Valley

Three years since Microsoft Windows release and five months after iOS version, Android users are finally getting their own version of farming RPG Stardew Valley. In the game, players assume the role of a character who took over a farm in Stardew Valley that belonged to their grandfather. Players need to manage their farmer, namely […]

Stardew Valley Developer Working on Updates and a New Game

Stardew Valley Developer Creating A New Game

When Eric Barone created Stardew Valley, he wanted to make something that will help him start his own solo game development. But since 2016 when the game was first published, Stardew Valley created quite a name for itself and now Barone explained his plans for 2019.   Since mid-December, Barone became the self-publisher on Stardew […]

Stardew Valley – а pixelated wonder has come to iOS

Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley is one of those games that came out of nowhere who took the world like a storm. It was originally released back in early 2016 and captivated the audience by the gameplay which was basically a casual farming simulation like Harvest Moon, but with all gauges cranked up to 11. The sheer amount […]

Stardew Valley is coming to iOS

Stardew Valley

Who of us hasn’t felt the call of nature and longing for a simpler life? Well, Stardew Valley, a super cute combination of farming simulation and RPG is a game that pretty much embodies that burning desire of modern man to escape the tedium and bareness of contemporary existence – perhaps that’s why it has […]