Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Remastered Final Fantasy VIII available now – on 20th anniversary

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VIII – Remastered finally finalized and funneled for fully-fledged fun folks, meaning – it’s released! The original came out on February 11th, 1999, and now 20 years and seven months later the game got its remaster because the fans asked for it. The old school RPG was developed by Square, which […]

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch

Soon you’ll be able to create your own Switch games

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch, the new ambitions and ingenious upcoming project by FUZE Technologies, is bringing the video game coder to your bedroom. The idea is to let every owner of the Switch console get the chance to create and share their own apps and games for Nintendo seems revolutionary, but it is actually a product […]

New Microsoft Controller

Microsoft’s new patent is highly reminiscent of Switch

Microsoft’s Controller Patent, the new hot gadget on the block, was filed in July. Dubbed the “Xbox Cloud” or “Project xCloud”, this new gaming handheld platform got the community excited. The only thing is that the way it is designed looks a lot like Nintendo Switch. It’s the “removable input modules” or the respective detachable […]

Switch leading in sales

Switch is surpassing PS4 lifetime sales

Nintendo Switch has been cashing its way to the top since the console came out on March 3, 2017, surpassing many competitors along the way. Now, after two years, Switch is taking one of the biggest earners in console history – PS4. According to Japanese top earning charts, Nintendo Switch is pretty close to surpass […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Looks Amazing

New Update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is here and it broke the Nintendo Switch Eshop

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.0 was released on April 17th, 2019 and immediately after the Nintendo Switch Eshop experienced difficulties. This Joker, the Challenger Pack 1 and Smash Ver 3.0 were revealed just yesterday, one day prior to release, and it set the internet on fire. The new content announced seems to be well […]

unrawel two

Unravel Two – Nintendo Switch Review

There is an old saying that says that everything is better when shared, which is something that works especially well with adventure video games. Indeed, every ordeal and difficult task is easier when you have someone beside you to help you. Cooperation can give us some of the most precious and meaningful gaming moments, most […]

bargain hunter review

Bargain Hunter Review

One of the most popular TV program formats lately is thrift shop wars, in which various people are trying to dig out valuable items from seemingly worthless piles of trash. This apparently inspired some developers into making this interesting premise into a board game and later into a video game. Long story short, that’s how […]