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Brave Conquest Tips and Tricks

Brave Conquest Tips & Tricks

Brave Conquest tips presented below are entirely based on the experience of yours truly. I like this game and I will continue to play it, while these tips and tricks are something I’ve managed to figure out so far. I will only talk about things I’ve tried out, especially the Heroes, and I will update […]

Skylanders Ring of Heroes guide for Runes

Skylanders Runes Guide Featured

How to setup Runes? Out of every subject, this one is the most comprehensive and requires an in-depth understanding of the game. However, here we will cover basics, where to farm, how to complete rune sets, what stat is available for which Rune Slot and so on. Let’s get some Skylanders RoH Rune basics out […]

Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks

Elder Scrolls Blades

Elder Scrolls Blades release date was on March 27th, 2019, but the game was available in early access for some time. It is now fully released, as both Elder Scrolls Blades Android and iOS versions are quickly gaining popularity. Already, the game has had over 100,000 installs on Google Play alone, and it is ranked […]

Lemmings 2019 Tips And Tricks


Lemmings 2019 is a revival of the old-school legendary Amiga puzzle-platform game from 1991. The game had other adaptations and editions over the years, but this latest edition came out recently and it seems to be growing in popularity rather quickly. While people are already thinking up new ways to improve their gameplay and solve […]

My Talking Tom 2 Tips and Tricks – Purr like a Kitten, Roar like a Lion

my talking tom

As anyone who ever had anything to do with kittens and cats in general knows, it’s not an easy task to be a cat parent. Cats – all cats, including virtual ones – are complicated, for the lack of the better word, and talking Tom is no different. Under the guise of mellow and cuddly […]

Age of Magic tips and tricks

Age of Magic Tips And Tricks

Make sure to also check out our Age of Magic Tier List HERE! Age of Magic is Playkot’s new turn-based RPG, which calls you to join “the epic war of true Mages”, recruit various heroes from different races and classes and fulfill the prophecy from the game description. The prophecy says that one of the […]