Tales of Radiance Pre-Registration open

Tales of Radiance Pre-Registration is open

Reality Squared Games, the renowned mobile games publisher is back with another entry to their extensive library. This comes in the form of Tales of Radiance, a brand new idle RPG battle game for iOS and Android — for which the pre-registration is now available.

Players will see themselves awakening ancient gods to join the fight against an ever increasingly evil force. Extensive hero customization is available, allowing players to power-up and equip their favorite characters with special items and weapons as they progress through the adventure worlds in the single-player campaign to find the five lost relics of the old gods.

The game features numerous activities and events for players to participate in beyond the single-player campaign, including trials, arena challenges, 5v5 PVP battles, dungeons to explore, and more. Uniquely, Tales of Radiance allows players to participate in all of its proposed features at the same time, letting players progress faster, and without the hassle of changing game modes, waiting for timers, or watching lengthy animations before proceeding — The action remains fast-paced, and players can choose their own path forward.

Tales of Radiance features in-depth and balanced combat mechanics throughout all of these features, letting players settle into a multitude of different in-game metas that don’t feel limiting like many previous games in similar genres do. Tales of Radiance gives players the freedom to upgrade their characters how they want without being held back by traditional progression paths. This makes Tales of Radiance one of the most customizable and open-ended games of its type.

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to summon powerful gods to come to their aid in battle, most of which are available absolutely free of cost, including Odin, Zeus, Athena, Queen Medius, Thor, and more.

Players that wish to experience Tales of Radiance before the masses can get a head start and pre-register via the links below.



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