Tales of Wind Review


Tales of Wind mobile game has been launched globally in late April. So far Tales of Wind reviews and scores show an overall positive mark while the game is nearing its first month since release date. Some are even calling it the best MMORPG mobile game currently, so let’s check it out.

Turns out Tales of Wind MMORPG did not reap the high ratings by chance for it is actually a version of a South Korean game called Lapace M, adapted for the western market. The game had big commercial and critical success across the Far East and it’s been brought to us now. In South Korea, Lapace M is released for Android and PC, while here Tales of Wind mobile is the only option potential players have.

If we look at the iTunes App Store, Tales of Wind iOS made it to #37 in role playing with 4.2 stars, which is a good spot if we consider the steep competition. Tales of Wind Android version scored even higher on Google Play, with 4.5 stars from over forty thousand votes.

Tales of Wind gameplay

This game goes quite far in the MMORPG genre as much as it brings the full PC experience of the gameplay style. Besides offering the usual stuff like different classes, combat systems, different modes, PVP, PVE, quests, events, and stuff, it brings its increased social aspect. The players will be able to join guilds and with their allies, they can do quests together, raids, battles, and even solve puzzles together.

There are four basic character classes in Tales of Wind, but each of them offers two subsequent promotion paths. Each of the classes and each of the promotion paths have their own skill set and different playstyle. Classes offered, in both female and male genders, are:


a defensive class that is effective in melee range, of course. Warriors are steadfast and fearless, as the game itself states and they branch out in two different promotion paths: Paladin and Berserker


mages are ranged and are effective in AOE (Area of Effect) damage dealing. They branch out to Pyromancer and Frostweaver


a natural healer and supporter, a cleric is focused on team play, protecting and healing allies, with some CC (Crowd Control) abilities. The Cleric branches out to Priest and Ranger promotion path.


specializing in sneak attacks from melee range, Assassins are easily the most deadly and at the same time fragile units in the game. Assassin branches to Asura and Ninja

Tales of Wind appearance and atmosphere

In short, this game looks amazing. Everything done for the Korean PC version is brought to our western Tales of Wind mobile version. The character models are unique and animations for their abilities work nicely. The game appeals to a broad audience with its fairytale allure as everything looks like similar fantasy games for PC, but with somewhat economic textures presumably. The atmosphere of the very gameplay is sufficient to keep the player interested, but the added multiplayer aspect does its magic and really raises the bar for the game.


Tales of Wind mobile is a successful MMORPG brought from the Far East to now Western market under a different name but the game brought every last bit of its allure. It does particularly well at offering different roles to players with different skill trees and free reset for points. Also, the wide array of abilities and the social aspect makes it a true MMO experience nicely adapted for mobile. All in all, Tales of Wind is fairly decent MMORPG for your mobile device.

8.0 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0