Talion Review


The moment is here! Shortly after the pre-registration became available in the US and EU, the long-awaited MMORPG Talion finally arrived. Players from the western regions are now able to try this game and everything it has to offer.


Talion was published by GAMEVIL, company you might remember from titles such as Cartoon Wars, Baseball Superstars, Dragon Blaze, and many other successful games. Now, they are bringing this MMORPG to the western market, and many fans of the genre got excited about it. The reason is fairly simple. So far, Talion was very successful in the Asian market, and GAMEVIL decided to let it sail into the western region and see if it will share the same reception.

The story of the game follows the conflict between the two opposing factions that rose to power after the world was nearly destroyed by the Great Demon Aradune. Aegis, the alliance of the Shield of Protection pursues absolute freedom, while Bident, the alliance of the Flame of Judgement seeks invincible power. Shortly after starting the game, players will be given a choice of joining one of those factions.


There are four different classes players can choose from. Each of those is available to both Aegis and Bident, which makes the factions fairly balanced and equal gameplay-wise. The classes are as follows:

  • Warrior – he has exceptionally high defense and hit points, which makes him very tanky and an ideal choice for a tank. He can also wield heavy two-handed weapons, which gives him a wide attack range. His go-to attribute is Strength.
  • Assassin – she specializes in swift and lethal strikes with two quick blades. While she may not be as durable as the warrior, her main role is to deal damage, and her kit makes her more than capable of doing so. Dexterity is her primary attribute.
  • Battlemage – she is a spellcaster specialized in striking her enemies with devastating long-range spells. She can also use damage-over-time attacks which gives her more options to deal with her opponents. Intelligence is her main attribute.
  • Gunslinger – this is a pretty versatile character. He possesses a sword he can use to keep his enemies at bay while his strongest attacks revolve around using magic guns. He can even use bombs to blast his enemies to smithereens. His primary attribute is Dexterity.


Once you choose the class you want to play with, you’ll be able to customize your character. This is what truly separates Talion from other similar games on the market. The number of different details you can customize is simply amazing. You can change pretty much everything about your character’s appearance. From numerous hairstyles and colors to customizing various small details about your character’s face and body, the options are… limitless!


The gameplay of Talion is pretty similar to most of the other MMORPGs. You move your character with a joystick on the bottom-left side of the screen, while the abilities are located on the bottom-right side. Consumable items, such as healing potions are located just above the joystick, which makes them easily accessible in the heat of a battle. There is also the option for auto-combat, which is present in pretty much all of today’s mobile MMORPGs. Perhaps the best aspect of Talion is its rich Endgame content. Players will be able to participate in large-scale 20v20 PvP battles, as well as various end-game dungeons and raids.


This is the sweetest part of Talion by far. Game’s visuals are really breathtaking. The amount of detail put into characters is really amazing, and hats off to developers for managing to bring PC level of graphics to mobile devices. When you pair this with the rich character customization, you’ll instantly fall in love with Talion’s graphics. This, however, does come with a price. The game is pretty demanding, hardware wise, so you’ll need a monster of a phone to fully enjoy all of its graphical aspects. Even on some fairly decent phones, the gameplay can be pretty slow and choppy (on medium settings), so unless you possess a flagship, you’ll either have to reduce the graphical settings or suffer low FPS and laggy gameplay.


The biggest issue about the game revolves around its technical problems. A lot of users are complaining about experiencing frequent crashes, the game being unplayable, servers instability, disconnects, etc. When you pair that with the fact that the game requires a very powerful device to run smoothly, you can’t help but wonder if the game was released too early… The game could definitely use some polishing and a lot of optimization since the vast majority of the world cannot afford $600+ phones. Also, it is worth mentioning that a lot of players are currently complaining about the classes being poorly balanced, so this is another thing that could potentially ruin your gameplay experience.


All things considered, Talion is a remarkably fun and engaging game to play, but it was definitely released too early. If it wants to succeed in the western market, it really needs a lot of polishing and optimizing. Hopefully, the developers will listen to the community and fix all these issues. In any case, time will tell if this game will turn into wonderful MMORPG it was advertised to be, or if it will simply become just another poorly packed eye-candy.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.1