Tangledeep earned more in the release week on Switch than in six months on Steam


We all like to hear a success story of small independent developers and this week has some of them to offer. First, we found out that the turn-based tactical game Wargroove managed to cover its development costs in the launch weekend. Now, the roguelike RPG by Impact Gameworks called Tangledeep did a similar thing.

After 6 months of Steam Early Access, the developers released the game in the Switch eShop, and the results were, to say least, spectacular. Just in one week, Tangledeep sold more copies on Switch eShop than it did for six months on Steam. The developer said that these numbers were enough to cover the cost of porting the game to Nintendo’s portable system. However, no exact figures were revealed.

What it was revealed though, is that the Switch version was most popular in Japan, with one-third of total sales on the eShop. The original Tangledeep is a retro RPG – inspired roguelike adventure with just right amount of modern enhancements not to seem obsolete. Its plethora of content might drive away some less ambitious players, but the sheer amount of choice and depth of the gameplay is a real treat for anyone patient enough to learn the ropes.

Tangledeep On Switch

There are 12 classes to choose from, with some more locked away until you progressed further, each of them with distinctive skills and weapons. Battles are turn-based but presented in real time format, which means that you can move and attack freely, but every action is counted as a frame. The difficulty spikes of this game can be a little tough at times, including permadeath, and the amount of information might be quite overwhelming, but it is amazing how much content is crammed into one game. This is a smart, deep and highly rewarding game, designed mostly for seasoned players.

The developers also confirmed that if the game keeps getting popular in this progression they will release a large DLC expansion called Legend of Shara on Switch. Which is no less than splendid news for all fans of the game.