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Welcome to our Tanks a Lot Best Builds guide! Here we’ll present to you some of the top early-mid game builds and some of them can work very well, even in the higher leagues. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to use each of these tanks, as each one of them requires a different playstyle.

TaL Annihilator

1.Annihilator (Napalm, Four Spider Legs, Fiery Reagan)

This is, without any doubt my favorite early game build – maybe even the favorite build overall. It will absolutely dominate in the first few Leagues, and even in higher leagues, this build is more than capable to hold his own. Just keep in mind that you’re slower and have a shorter range than most opponents, so using cover and camouflage (from the bush) is necessary with this tank. Also, don’t be afraid to get as close as possible to an enemy tank (yes, even if you’re low on health) because your chances of running away are slim, but kamikaze has a good chance to activate and destroy your opponent. The final word of advice, don’t forget to use a Firewall, it can devastate an entire enemy team, under the right conditions.


  • Napalm has a very high DPS and great special ability
  • High Health
  • Kamikaze special ability can get you a lot of kills
  • High ammo capacity and fast reload


  • Short Range
  • Slow movement speed

TaL Taser Build

2.High Voltage (Taser, Light Tracks, Automaton 5000)

High Voltage Strike is one of those builds, that is very good, but not the very best in the game. All in all, stats on this vehicle are mediocre, it has an average DPS, medium-low range and high ammo capacity.

However, it offers a unique playstyle that can be extremely annoying to your opponents and that’s why I like it. So, how does that work? Well, the Taser has E.M.I. shot as a special that will disable enemy weapon for 3 seconds (even longer with an upgraded commander) and your whole strategy will be based around this ability. Basically, the idea is to slowly charge up a special ability (without risking too much), and close in on the enemy that has “stronger” tank than you do – preferably the one with a heavy base and short-range cannon. As soon as you get in range, hit him with E.M.I. shot, get near, and empty all of your ammunition into that big target from close range. More often than not, your enemies won’t have any idea what just happened and won’t even realize that their weapons were disabled. High Voltage is the ideal tank for Crazy Football game mode because it’s very fast and can disable opponent’s weapon, enabling you or the ally to score.


-High ammo capacity and fast reload

-Good Mobility

-Excellent special ability


-Low Health

-Average-Low Range

TaL Mosin Build

3.The Sniper (Mosin, Medium Tracks, Chris Cooper)

Without any doubt, this is my favorite build for Team Deathmatch game mode. The main advantages that The Sniper has are long range and high damage per shot. Basically, with this tank, you should always stay at maximum range and use your Penetrating Shot against enemies that are getting too close or trying to run away after taking severe damage. The Sniper is extremely effective vs heavy, slow moving tanks because they won’t be able to run away. When, playing this build, watch out for enemies that have rapid firing, long-range cannons (such as Grenade Parade, for example), as they have a similar range but much higher DPS and ammo capacity.

Well, I already mentioned that this build works great in Team Deathmatch and there are a few reasons for this. This map is very open and favors long-range playstyle of this tank. That advantage can be used to achieve a very good kill/death ratio – more often than not it’s possible to have zero death(s) by the end of the match.


  • Long Range
  • Very High Damage per shot
  • Very good special ability
  • Good mobility


  • Very Low ammo capacity
  • Low total damage output before having to reload

We hope you enjoyed reading our Tanks a Lot Best Builds Guide! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.