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Welcome to our Tanks a Lot Tricycle base guide! Here we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of this base, and, also the most suitable cannons for it. Each base in the game has the unique special ability, and that will be one of the main focuses of our Tanks a Lot base guides.

Tricycle - Tank Base

Unlocked: Available at the start of the game

Card Rarity: Common

Health: Very Low

Speed: 53 (Very High)

Carry Capacity: 1

Special Ability: Evasion

General Characteristics

Tanks a Lot Tricycle is available from the start of the game and it’s a very good base if you prefer mobility over high health. It’s the fastest base in the first few leagues and the second fastest overall – Hover is number 1 in this category.

The disadvantage of this base (besides low Health) is a very low carry capacity, so it’s not possible to combine it with weapons heavier than 1 without suffering speed penalty. Because of that, Napalm is the perfect weapon for this base.

Special Ability: Evasion

To activate this ability, you have to upgrade a card to level 4, just like with other common cards. Whenever your tank drops below 30% health, it becomes invulnerable for 1.25 seconds (there will be a blue-ish bubble around it when Evasion is active). This ability is great and it can get you out of some hairy situations – use your superior mobility to run away as soon as this ability activates. One thing to watch out for when using a Tricycle/Evasion combo are cannons that deal high damage per shot because there’s a good chance that they will destroy your tank before evasion can be activated. For example, let’s say you’re left with 40% health, and enemy deals more damage than that – he will bypass the Evasion in this case and destroy it.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for the Tanks a Lot Tricycle base! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.