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Welcome to our Tanks a Lot Brute Force cannon guide! Here we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of this cannon, and, more importantly, the most optimal way(s) to use it. Each cannon in the game has the unique special ability, and that will be one of the main focuses of our Tanks a Lot cannons guides.

Tanks a Lot Brute Force

Unlocked: League 1

Card Rarity: Epic

Damage Type: Splash

Ammo Capacity: 3 (Low)

Weight: 3, heavy

Range: 14

Special Ability: Shrapnel

General Characteristics

In Tanks a Lot Brute Force is a really good, epic weapon that can be obtained early on since this card can be gained in League 1. The most positive characteristics of this cannon are a medium-long range, high damage per shot and extremely powerful special ability. Its weaknesses would be slow projectile speed and somewhat low ammo capacity. With all that said, keeping a distance from your opponents and good use of special ability are very important in order to be effective with this cannon.

Special Ability: Shrapnel

This special ability can be used once you upgrade a card to level 2, just like with any other epic card. Once activated, a more powerful round will be fired from your cannon that deals approximately 3 times more damage than a regular shot and it also deals area damage so it’s possible to damage (or destroy) multiple enemy tanks in one shot. Good use of this ability will be crucial in winning 1v1 battles since it will destroy almost any tank (except the really heavy ones) that has 50% or less health left. The Shrapnel also has a game-winning potential because if enemies are all bunched up, you could wipe out the whole enemy team in just one shot, possibly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

How to use:

  • Try to keep enemies at the maximum range of your cannon as you’ll be able to outrange most other cannons
  • Taking a second or two to aim and predict enemy movement can be really helpful as you really want all of your 3 shots to hit their mark. While we’re on that subject, you also want your shots to deal full damage. Full damage, what are you talking about? Well, each time this cannon fires, two projectiles will fly out of the barrel, and if only one of them hits, it will deal only half of the damage. So, all in all, controlled, accurate fire is the way to go with this weapon. Spamming shots, especially at long range will only deplete your ammo, and then you’ll be a sitting duck.
  • This cannon is quite good at finishing off retreating enemies, as long as you can predict their movement direction

Good Combos:

  • Base- Medium Tracks/Six Wheels or Four Spider Legs
  • Commander- Boris Yurinov (increased reload speed and improved the special ability of this cannon)

Medium Tracks or Six Wheels are both great with this cannon because they have enough carry capacity to mount it, without suffering a speed penalty. Well, mobility is needed to keep at a maximum firing distance from enemy tanks so both of these are very good options. Medium Tracks have a Static Charge ability that will help out in those rare situations when the enemy tank gets too close, or when you charging opponents sniper/artillery vehicles. With Six Wheels, on the other hand, you’ll have a bit more speed and Radar passive ability that can help out with spotting hidden enemies.

NOTE: Light Tracks could be used if none of the above are available – you’ll suffer a small speed penalty but it’s ok.

Alternative Build- Brute Force is somewhat different than other long-range cannons because it can deal a solid amount of damage at close range (especially with the Shrapnel shot), unlike most weapons in this category. That’s why it isn’t necessary to have huge mobility with it (although it’s desirable) and it can be effective with a heavier base. With that said, Four or Six Spider legs would be my suggestions if you want to go heavy base with this cannon.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for the Tanks a Lot Brute Force cannon! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.