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Welcome to our Tanks a Lot Bullet Hell guide! Here we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of this cannon, and, more importantly, the most optimal way(s) to use it. Each cannon in the game has the unique special ability, and that will be one of the main focuses of our Tanks a Lot cannons guides.

Tanks a Lot Bullet Hell

Unlocked: League 6

Card Rarity: Epic

Damage Type: Bullet

Ammo Capacity: 6 (Very High)

Weight: 3, heavy

Range: 11

Special Ability: Ultimate Burst

General Characteristics

In Tanks a Lot Bullet Hell can be gained from League 6+ chests. It’s a decent medium range weapon that can work quite well on medium bases. Main characteristics of this cannon are low damage per burst (1 burst = 1 ammo), high rate of fire, very large magazine and medium range.

Special Ability: Ultimate Burst

Unlocking this special ability will require card level 2, as with other epic cards. Once activated, your cannon will fire a long burst that deals more damage and lasts more than a regular attack. There’s not really much to say about this ability since it’s almost the same as your normal attack.

Here are a few tips when using this gun:

  • Always hit your enemy with Ultimate Burst first (if available)
  • If he survives, use regular attacks to finish him off and recharge your special
  • Try to keep out of distance of powerful short range weapons Napalm/Heavy Shotgun/Jalapeno. This will be very hard because Bullet Hell has only a slightly longer range than these weapons

Good Combos:

  • Base – Medium Tracks/Heavy Tracks or Four Spider Legs
  • Commander – MR Bucket (Grants damage reduction and improves the special ability of this cannon)

There are actually two builds with this cannon. First one uses a medium base and the second one heavy base.

Medium Tracks/Heavy Tracks build will have solid speed and health, while not prioritizing neither of them.

With Medium Tracks you’ll gain the most speed, while also having a Static Charge special ability that will activate very often, since it has almost the same range as your cannon, thus increasing the total DPS.

Heavy Tracks will offer a very similar amount of health/speed, but you’ll actually gain a lot more survivability because of the Last Chance special ability.

Four Spider Legs will provide a large amount of health and even if your tank gets destroyed, there’s a good chance that some of the enemies will be caught in Kamikaze blast. This cannon doesn’t really have the best range and you’ll have to get close to your opponents, quite often. That’s why it’s not recommended to use the Bullet Hell with any base slower than this one.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for the Tanks a Lot Bullet Hell! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.