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Welcome to our Tanks a Lot Jalapeno cannon guide! Here we’ll talk about all the pros and cons of this cannon, and, more importantly, the most optimal way(s) to use it. Each cannon in the game has the unique special ability, and that will be one of the main focuses of our Tanks a Lot cannons guides.

Tanks a Lot Jalapeno

Unlocked: League 4

Card Rarity: Rare

Damage Type: Elemental

Ammo Capacity: 5 (High)

Weight: 2, medium

Range: 8

Special Ability: Fire Pool

General Characteristics

In Tanks a Lot Jalapeno is basically a slightly “better” version of Napalm cannon. Great DPS, short-range and high ammo capacity – almost everything is the same as Napalm. There are a few minor differences. Jalapeno is a bit heavier, has a bit higher DPS and similar, but still different special ability.

Special Ability: Fire Pool

Fire Pool will be unlocked at card level 3, just like with other Rare cards. Once this special ability is activated, large, circular pool of fire will be created, damaging all enemies in the area. This ability is quite similar to Fire Wall of the Napalm, but with a few differences:

  • Fire Pool has larger AoE, and it can be a bit harder to spot, so enemies are more likely to enter it
  • Fire Wall deals more damage (especially on impact) so it’s better vs single targets
  • You can use Fire Pool as indirect fire, meaning you can cast it over obstacles like walls and such. Most opponents won’t be aware of that, so it’s possible to get some easy kills (vs already damage enemies) this way.
  • Fire Pool ability can destroy walls and other obstacles while Fire Wall can’t
  • With Fire Pool you can destroy retreating, low health enemies, that are about to slip away since it has a longer range than your regular Jalapeno attack

Good Combinations:

  • Base – either Light Tracks/Four Wheels or a heavy base like Four Spider Legs
  • Commander – Andre Magma (increases reload speed and improves the special ability of this cannon)

Well, Jalapeno uses exactly the same builds as Napalm cannon, one light and mobile and the other one heavy and durable, so I won’t talk much about that.

The only possible suggestion about the base choice would be upgrading to a Heavy Tracks once you’ve unlocked them since they have a good mobility/health ratio and the Last Chance special ability can be extremely useful.

If you’re more into the classic heavy build, six spider legs might be a good idea because of very high health, although I prefer a kamikaze ability and slightly higher speed of four spider legs.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide for the Tanks a Lot Jalapeno cannon! If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.