“Teen Titans Go Figure” – You gotta catch ’em all! No, seriously.


I was ten when Tim Burton’s “Batman” premiered in cinemas, and was lucky enough to grow up with the ever-expanding DC Animated Universe… Or, to put it another way, “Teen Titans Go!” is #NotMyTeenTitans. With that out of the way, I must admit that the feature film “Teen Titans Go! To the movies!” is surprisingly clever and… Kinda… Well done?

Where there is a movie, there is an accompanying game with a funny title to go along with it. That is how we got “Teen Titans Go Figure”, a sequel to the super-popular “Teeny Titans” game from 2016. Just like that game, this one is a strategy based RPG where you collect figurines (more than one hundred of them) and use them to battle against NPCs in  3 v 3 combat.

When the game starts, you get to pick up one of the main Titans that you’ll guide through the game (your choice is final, so choose wisely) and lead him or her through many different locales, facing various opponents. Since this is a sequel, after all, everything is bigger this time around, so you’ll soon be leaving Jump City and heading over to Gotham and Metropolis, meeting not only major players like Catwoman or Clark Kent but the more obscure characters like Condiment Man.

There is the main storyline as well as a bunch of side quests that you’ll have to fulfill in order to beef up your figures to progress further through the game. Another way to make things easier on yourself is to collect new, more powerful figures. You can buy these in many shops that can be found in-game, and to do that, you need coins, that you can get by completing side missions… See the pattern here?

Collecting figures and leveling them up is extremely addictive and fun (only the three figures that take part in a particular battle gain experience, so there is a fair bit of swapping and grinding involved). Leveling up can either give you a new ability or a chance to boost an existing stat. You can also temporarily increase a certain stat by giving your figure a chip to hold, but once that chip is removed, it gets destroyed.

Finally, there is one bit that I’m not  too thrilled about – this game isn’t free, which is fine, but on top of that it also has in-app purchases (you can buy Riddler’s Eggs that contain a random surprise, Repaint Tokens that you use to repaint your figures, and, finally, you can buy the harder to obtain figures). Fortunately, none of these purchases are necessary if you are stubborn, persistent and patient enough.

“Teen Titans Go Figure!” is a fine game that treats its source material with a surprisingly high amount of respect. It can get repetitive at times, but it balances things out with the right amount of humor and callbacks to different parts of DC Comics’ history. So, #SurprisinglyGoodForGoGame I guess?

The game requires Android 5.1 or iOS 9.0 or a later version to run.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 6