Tencent Game Developers Conference

Tencent GDC Event Highlights

Tencent Game Developers Conference, or TGDC, was hosted on September 24, in China. It is an annual event held by Tencent Institute of Games primarily as an educational and networking opportunity, to review the evolution of the industry, promoting its growth, while also creating an auspicious ecosystem for both game developers and gamers alike. The event attracts the best professionals and scholars from China and beyond and showcases the latest in R&D, current trends, as well as related news from the academic world.

Chinese gaming industry still not slowing down

With such a concentration of people relevant to the industry present, naturally that the TGDC is an opportunity for the developers to share ideas, offer support to each other, promote the growth of the industry, and even work together on future projects. The rapid development and growth of the gaming industry in China is an example of how things should be handled, critically and commercially. According to a recent report on the Chinese Game Industry, the game market has had about 640 million registered users from January to June 2019. The sales revenue for the mentioned period reached 116.31 billion RMB yuan, which translates to roughly $16.3 billion United States Dollars.

The Art of Making Games

Tencent is credited for playing a big part in the development of the Chinese market particularly, and for its worldwide influence on both gaming and other media branches. Over the past year, the Tencent Game Academy launched several cooperation projects with Peking University, Tsinghua University, but also the University of Southern California for instance, and many other institutions at home and abroad. The goal was always promotion and professionalization of game education and research, in China and the world. The events such as TGDC help developers polish up their game, get in touch with other parts of the market, and possibly see a different perspective on things. This, in turn, helps them optimize their product quality and work ethic.

The promotion also offers the chance of global cooperation in games through the Game Without Borders, or GWB, initiative, which promotes and facilitates the launch of creative products and ideas. In short, Tencent Game Academy strives to improve the gaming industry, which in turn improves user experience, which then improves the market, and it is done by bringing all the heads together. Tencent Game Developers Conference brings together renowned and experienced experts, scholars, but also new game developers and enthusiasts, and all share their views on things.

Chinese Gaming Industry

Official reports show that the Chinese Game Industry user count grows by a steady 5.1% annually, while the gross revenue of the Chinese market grows by 10.8% annually. This makes it the largest gaming market in the world by far, and the popularity of games and their integration in the Chinese culture has made them an important part of everyone’s lives. Gaming is a big part of the social and cultural aspects of society, while it also improves the job market greatly, with an estimate of 1.45 million employees in the Chinese gaming industry alone.

In recent years, the Chinese gaming market began opening its doors to the rest of the world more and more, and we are now having many of the new games, as well as old favorites, being adapted for the western market. This in turn also promotes global technical growth and has an overly positive effect on other markets as well, like hardware development for instance and the rise of new AAA companies globally. Many of the already established companies, like Ubisoft or Activision, are following the pattern Tencent has set up and are trying to keep up in the game of R&D, expanding their reach to more platforms and expanding their creativity as well. This is why many big brands also chose to work with Tencent as well on cooperation projects.

Going hard on 5G as well

China also intends to have the largest 5G network and market by 2020, as a large-scale 24 billion yuan-worth development campaign by China Mobile is already underway, bringing 5G in select major cities to reach a number of 50,000 deployed stations in 50 of the cities throughout the country. China Unicom and China Telecom will also deploy 40,000 base stations each, which makes up for the three largest telecom operators in the country.

Respect for Competitors

“When Chinese companies go overseas, we are facing the most competitive AAA companies like Ubisoft. They are very enterprising and clever. I think a policy environment is really in need of improvement internally because there are still a lot of opportunities waiting for Chinese gaming enterprises to develop overseas.” – Mr. Xialing, the president of Tencent Institute of Games.

By creating such an opportunity for all mentioned experts and enthusiasts to meet, TGDC becomes one big panel dedicated to discussion about all things gaming. It engages the audience and inspires the developers to think in the long-term. For instance, in this year’s Tencent Game Developers Conference, Mr. Thomas Vu, the IP development head for League of Legends took the spotlight for a brief moment and talked about how their team evolved their MOBA game to the super-IP universe. He revealed to broad strokes of the entire story, from the project stage and throughout the decade, which is in and of itself an incredibly interesting story.

The audiences also had the chance to hear about the founding and growth of Paper Games from the mouth of their founder and CEO himself, Mr. Yao Runhao. He explained how they made long term plans when they developed Shining Nikki, and how the company broke from its comfort zone to explore innovative new directions and technological upgrades to meet the ever-growing user requirements. The result was innovative combat and social system, which combines photography and AR in the diverse playing method and provides the user with fresh gaming experience.

Together We Can Make a Change

Tencent Game Developers Conference is an annual reminder by Tencent Institute of Games that we need not necessarily battle against each other. Companies and developers should strive to use healthy competition as an incentive to break new grounds and discover new methods. It is an example of how positive outreach can, in turn, bring back an even greater yield. By giving something and opening your arms to cooperation, you are not losing but gaining. Sharing is receiving in a way, and this is demonstrated by the incredible success of Tencent Holdings particularly, and by the growth, critical, and commercial success of the Chinese market as a hold and its overly positive influence on the entire world’s market and gaming culture.