Game of Thrones Mobile Game

Tencent to Release Game of Thrones Mobile Game

In 2014, Chinese tech giant Tencent signed a deal to stream Game of Thrones in China, and this week, it released a test version of Game of Thrones game for smartphones. This comes as a response to the government criticizing online gaming currently happening in China, but also a little bit after the announced date for the final season premiere on HBO.

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming developed by Yoozoo was released as a test version on January 17 and a smartphone version can be played in China only by players who received the invite codes. Originally developed as a browser game, this simulation lets players control iconic GoT characters and go to locations like King’s Landing from the TV show. Also, players will be able to participate in the famous events that took place in the previous seasons of the series, like the Red Wedding. And, of course, Iron Throne is for grabs here, too.

“The game will inherit the realist style of the HBO show, and players will be able to control various classic characters from the original novel to battle in Westeros,” said Tencent.

Chinese scrutiny of online games has cut the number of games that can be released and because of this Tencent was 20 percent down on the market since March last year. However, there are no Tencent games on the list of approved titles this month which is a bit cause for concern. This is the first drop in profits for Tencent in 13 years and the company is worried that it can get lower if this persists.

game of thrones winter is coming game

There is still no announcements regarding the English release or any release outside China whatsoever, so it seems that Tencent is waiting to hear if its games will make the tier. With April closing in, the hype regarding final season of Game of Thrones will only get greater and there will probably be more games to come from various developers and of all sorts of genres. If Tencent doesn’t act fast, they could lose the momentum and a lot of revenue.