Texas Drop'Em

Texas Drop’Em just got released on iOS and Android

Texas Drop’Em mobile game, for Android and iOS, was released last week, and it’s a concept that should be of interest to all card game lovers for it combines poker card rules with a puzzle match gameplay style, creating a distinctly rewarding experience. Furthermore, it is a fast-paced puzzler built around poker rules, but created with classic style and with cards stacking and dropping on top of each other instead of bricks, like in similar “match 3” games.


This interesting concept comes from Warcry Interactive, or more precisely from a one-man-army developer Mr. Dan Pettersson. His studio is focused on developing mobile indie games, mostly in the strategy and casual style, but the studio also plans on delving into other genres as well. Besides Texas Drom’Em, Warcry Interactive is also developing Skull Cult, a zombie-themed action PC game, and one other interesting concept – Game Dev Legend, which is a business management game that simulates the position of a CEO of a small game studio.

Texas Drop’Em is the first project Mr. Dan decided to go for and it is free-to-play on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The game is built around poker rules, as mentioned, in terms of matching cards together. So, two, three, or four of a kind, straight flush, full house, and other rules apply when you are attempting to match the cards. But, as seen in the trailer, the cards are positioned as in a brick breaker kind of game, where the goal is to clear the level by scoring the best combos and preventing the cards to stack up to the top. In a way, it is a digital solitaire with poker rules.

Texas Drop'Em

The game also features several other modes with different levels and variations in gameplay. Besides the standard mode, there is the Zen Mode, Color Blast, Combo Hunt, and other features to play around with. All in all, Texas Drop’Em mobile represents an interesting new concept and a possible way to expand the horizon of video game development, so it’s worth a shot.