The Brawler Team is finally complete – America Chavez is here!

As announced in MSF 3.2 Update notes, FoxNext introduced a new brawler. America Chavez is meant to be an ideal addition to Ms.Marvel Brawler squad and more importantly, now we have an LGBTQ Latina woman SuperHero in Marvel Strike Force (it’s a Pride Month after all). I am not saying that political correctness was the main reason for introducing America Chavez but I am confident that FoxNext could surprise us with several more popular characters that are not in the game yet.

America Chavez PostOne thing is certain – America Chavez hits like a truck! This girl has dynamite in her fists and with each strike, she exposes enemy’s defenses by applying Defense Down (this also applies on assists). Her special ability damage output gradually increases with the number of Brawler Hero allies indicating that she is able to inflict up to 600% of her base Damage to one enemy. She is also able to clear up to 3 positive effects from the target with her ultimate which inflicts 430% of base damage to that target. All Brawler Heroes in a team with America Chavez have their Maximum Health increased by 20%.

It is obvious that America Chavez’ sole purpose is to improve existing Ms. Marvel Brawler team but the main question is – which Brawlers should be combined with her beside Ms. Marvel? Here is the list of Hero Brawlers:


As you can see, the number of combinations is huge but in my opinion, only one team fulfill the requirements needed to successfully prevail against the Brotherhood and the other popular pre-made teams. That team is Ms.Marvel, Captain Marvel, America Chavez, Daredevil and Deadpool. Captain Marvel, Daredevil and Deadpool can ignore initial Blind from Magneto and kill Pyro before he applies Bleed, and the whole team is more than capable to seriously threaten any other META team. However, you will not be able to use Daredevil with Defenders if you decide to put him in the Brawler team and that is a big problem.

Another good team can be made if you use Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles along with America Chavez and Ms.Marvel. The fifth member of the team could literally be any other Brawler depending on the situation (Psylocke against debuffs, Captain Marvel for early assassination, Deadpool for combining his ultimate with Spider-Man’s Defense Down, etc…). This team enables you to apply Defense Down on almost everyone and to use that debuff in combination with single target assassination skills (America Chavez’ special, Spider-Man’s ultimate, Miles’ special) and Ms.Marvel’s AOE. The problem here is that you won’t be able to assemble the Spider-Verse team.

In the end, you will probably combine America Chavez and Ms.Marvel with Brawlers from your roster that are not already part of any other team, and it is something that will actually help you in Blitz and Alliance War. Having another sure-to-win team is always a good thing, so it could be important to invest in America Chavez as soon as possible. Truth to be told she is nothing more than average MSF Hero but she has her qualities and she will surely be a nice addition to your roster.

America Chavez is already implemented in BlueMoonGame Tier Lists and Best Teams Tier List.

MSF Tier List Builder and MSF Best Teams Builder are updated as well.

Detailed information about America Chavez herself can be found on our MSF Heroes page.

Only two weeks left until the Dark Phoenix event. I hope that you will have enough time to assemble a full Villain Mystic Controller team with 6 stars until then. Good luck Heroes and may the Random Number Generator be with you!