The Catholic Church makes their own Pokémon Go game

The Catholic Church makes their own Pokémon Go game

The Catholic church is one of the oldest and most powerful organizations in the world but in this modern times, even the major religious organization have seen some decline in faith. The reasons are many, from the rise of atheism and agnosticism to the numerous scandals that have shaken the core of the church itself. In an attempt to reach Generation Z, the Catholic Church came up with an interesting idea.

Follow JC Go is a mobile game apparently inspired by Pokémon go, where you have the goal to collect saints and other important figures from the Bible as they walk around the town. Follow JC Go was developed by a Florida based Catholic evangelical group Fundación Ramón Pané. Although the Vatican is not directly connected to the game, Pope Francis is reportedly a fan of it. As expected, the Pope is not a very technological person, but he understood the idea and he was in awe by the notion of an attempt to combine technology with evangelization, according to Ricardo Grzona, executive director of Fundación Ramón Pané.


Thankfully, players aren’t expected to fight other devoted Catholics In order to emerge victorious, like in Pokémon Go, and there are no gyms for players to enhance their saints. Also, it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to evolve Jesus by feeding him a certain amount of food. Combat elements from Pokémon Go are replaced with philosophical questions that players have to answer when they meet the biblical characters. So instead of trying to be the very best like no one ever was, you will have to you some introspection and search your soul in order to find the answers.

The Catholic Church makes their own Pokémon Go game Called JC GO

The prayer is also a pretty important element of the gameplay. If you want to level up your character you need to eat, drink, and pray. The game also frequently advice players to take some time and enjoy themselves, and whenever they come by a church to go inside.

Follow JC Go is currently available for Android and iOS devices, but only in Spanish, while Italian, Portuguese, and English versions are currently in the making. Let’s hope this little experiment will succeed in the intention to popularise the faith among the Millenials.