The cheapest PvP build in OSRS

PvP is a staple feature in most MMO’s. It allows the players to compete against each other for the prestige of various rewards as well as high rankings. Part of it is bragging rights, but there’s something a little intoxicating about seeing how your gear fares with other players.

At any rate, in OSRS, even non-member players can get in on the action. Their options are limited, though, and will not be as effective as those available to members. However, there’s still fun to be had, as well as the benefit of spending less of your hard-earned OSRS gold.

So here’s the cheapest free-to-play build you can enjoy, after a small explanation of some PvP mechanics.

PvP Mechanics

PvP in OSRS is governed by ‘Combat Levels’. You can calculate this yourself using a rather lengthy series of steps. You’ll have to calculate your Base Combat Level [0.25(Def+HP+floor(Prayer/2)]. After that, you have to compare your Melee [0.325(Atk+Str)], Range [0.325(floor(Ranged/2)+Ranged)], and Mage [0.325(floor(Magic/2)+Magic)]. You’ll use the highest of those in the calculation of your Final Combat Level [floor(Base+highest of Melee, Range, and Mage)].

Now, your Combat Level also lets you estimate the enemy’s level. Those with green names have a level lower than yours. The closer their level comes to yours, the yellower their names become. Finally, the names turn full yellow when they’re about the same. The higher the level goes, however, the redder the names get. In short it goes green (lower) ► yellow-greenyellow (same) ► orangered (higher). That should give you some idea of how tough an opponent will be to engage.

Some builds focus on maximizing combat stats even at a low Combat Level, effectively ‘deflating’ it. It only means that their level doesn’t represent their actual ability. Conversely, there could be manipulators of the Combat Level, ‘inflating’ it. Even with a high level, they don’t have as much combat ability. There could be some advantages to this, with NPCs not automatically aggressive to you. Also, some players might think twice before attacking. However, you would have a harder time trying to defend yourself if someone does.

The Build

Simply, it’s a pure one Defense build. Raise your attack to 40 and strength to 50 or 65. That way, you can keep your Combat Level low, while still packing a punch that your opponents will feel. You can opt to go higher by raising your Strength, Ranged, and Magic skills, but it’s not required. It’s a build that ‘deflates’ your Combat Level, as explained in the last section.

As for equipment, choose those you can easily replace. Free-to-play PVP is mostly for enjoyment, and you’re not exactly going to profit much from it. That means you’re going to need an alternate/main account with enough gold to finance replacing equipment.

One recommended set is:

  • Green D’Hide Chaps and Vambraces
  • Maple Shortbow with Adamant Arrows
  • Rune 2H Sword and/or Scimitar
  • Amulet of Strength/Power
  • Leather Body
  • Coif
  • Wizard Robes + Staff of Water (have runes for bind/teleblock)

You should have Strength potions, lobsters or swordfishes in your inventory for emergencies as well as teleport runes.

Some Parting Words

This is only one possible set for the build. If you have a bit more gold to spend, you can go for better equipment. Also, depending on how you went about training for PvP, you may be able to go through several possible builds before you have to settle for one. Arguably, some players find that more enjoyable than PvP itself.

In addition to that, since on the whole, it is a little repetitive, you may also make another character with a different build for variety. That’s going to put a bigger hole on your wallet though, so decide early. This build is for low-level player killing, as it is for non-member players. Higher level PvP requires a different build and equipment.

Again, you don’t have to follow guides to the letter. They show a path to your goal, but you can deviate from them, as long as you don’t lose sight of the goal. It’s totally fine if you find something else that works better for you. Lastly, for brevity’s sake, this article does not explain the intricacies of PvP. It’s about the cheapest build, after all.

That said, enjoy OSRS PvP!