mushrooms 2 stormtroopers

The Empire storms Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 Stormtroopers crossover event is currently underway, as the soldiers of the evil Empire are here to fight. MW2 is combining real-time strategy with tower defense, and it’s a critically acclaimed and award-winning game, which continued the success of its predecessor. The game is available on multiple platforms, enjoys a wide audience, and now Zillion Whales studio has expanded the warfare to include Star Wars iconic soldiers – Stormtroopers.

The collaboration crossover event is currently live and will last for two more days, meaning if you wanna try the new content and delve into some of the cool stuff from the movies, you better hurry. The collaboration is partly due to the recent success of the latest Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker movie and is available for Mushroom Wars 2 Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

Developed by Zillion Whales, Mushroom Wars 2 reviews and community feedback are on the positive side of the spectrum. Android version on Google Play has a 4.1-star score, out of almost 40k votes, while iOS users voted with an average of 4.6 stars on the iTunes App Store. PC reviews are mixed and most publications are giving it a score around 7 out of 10. However, the game has won several awards to prove its merit, like the Best Strategy Game at WNConf 2016, Best Mobile Game at GTP Indie Cup 2017, and others, for various platforms.

If you haven’t tried it, MW2 brings mushroom warfare in a real-time strategy environment, where armies clash under the command of the players. It offers both single-play and multiplayer modes, with the latter bringing a competitive experience. You build up your fungi base, compete for map objectives, and place strategic defenses. There are over 200 missions and plenty of content, with the flavored events like this Star Wars crossover all the time.

Mushroom Wars 2 switch, PC, iOS, and Android will soon broaden its offer to PlayStation4 and Xbox One, like the first installment. The Stormtrooper crossover event is live for two more days and we can get the Stormtrooper skin for Cree in the Mushroom Pass Unique Season, with tons of other rewards, so be sure to check it out!