The Enchanted Cave 2 Gets a Huge Update


The Enchanted Cave might ring a bell for you, especially if you are a fan of dungeon crawlers. As far back as 2014, one guy called Dustin Auxier made a port of the 2010 game called Enchanted Cave (and he did it using Flash, as it was still popular back then) that everyone came to love instantly. The thing is, this game was released on iPad a few months after iPad had appeared on the market (which was on April 3rd, 2010), and possibly aimed to grab the new market… and it didn’t really work out. It turned out that people really weren’t into it. So Dustin, in 2014, takes upon himself to make it… a lot different. He ported the game and launched The Enchanted cave on Android and iOS and it was priced at a dollar.

It was really well-received and it was seemingly enough for Dustin to start working on a sequel where he could experiment even more and bring as many improvements over the original as he wanted. So, the Enchanted Cave 2 got released in 2015, and it got critical acclaim – the players loved it. It got rave reviews just about everywhere. Okay, you say, that was three years ago, what now, part 3? Nope! It seems like Dustin had something else in mind. He released a patch for the last game… and oh man, it’s like a new game with the amount of content that he added. He even dubbed it Mega Update. I really wonder why didn’t he just work on Part 3? Anyway, let’s start with the update, and see what is in store for this already great game.

First off, there is so much new stuff in this Update 3.0 that I don’t know where to begin. Let’s just say that there are literally tons of fixes and new features. A lot of device support features as well (for example, you can now full-screen the game on iPhone X). There are new heroes, new challenges, new monsters, new game modes and tons of new items and weapons and the like.

The complete list of changes is here:

Added full controller support
Added 3 challenge game modes
Added 5 new heroes (one only in green goo’s quest)
Heroes now have unique starting stats
Added 2 new NPCs that can be helped
Added 7 new items (one only in monster’s lair)
Added 2 new monsters (both only in monster’s lair)
Added a new merchant
Added bonus infinity skill nodes to skill tree that are revealed when a full branch is completed
Added Import/Export feature to transfer save data between devices
Added monster descriptions to bestiary
Reduced MP use of attack magic from 8 to 7
Increased value of “magic” enchantments by 50%
Fixed bug where magic bonus with crafted potions had no effect
Small visual improvements to some UI elements.
Fixed some visual bugs with spritesheet edges on some objects
Fix when enchanting to have an item’s single current enchantment selected by default when adjusting enchantments.
Fixed a rare soft-lock that can happen when clicking anywhere immediately after death
Improved rain performance
Improved final boss intro performance
Fixed some lag issues
(Steam Version) Added 11 new achievements
(Steam Version) Fixed retroactive achievement checking
Since then, a few other fixes arrived with 3.02 patch:

v 3.02
Fixed Green Goo not being able to set magic hotkeys
Fixed some controller buttons showing when not using a controller
Fixed rain sound not stopping when switching to a new slot
Fixed import/export window sometimes not closing correctly
Fixed items being added to “loot this run” after enchanting from equipment

And this doesn’t do the update justice, because the Mega Update, as seen above, features three new challenges. All of the challenges come with their own thing and win your way in a fifty-floor adventure. The Labyrinth offers limited visibility and, true to its name, it’s a huge maze. Monster Lair, on the other hand, offers hundreds of monsters all crammed into the dungeon, and those monsters come in numerous varieties and types. Third, there is this great experience of a challenge called Green Goo’s Quest, in which you play as the green goo fighter from the first game, and the experience of this mode, as the developer says, is ‘radically different’. The Green Goo (my favorite hero by far, by the way) is equipped with only a helmet and a sword, and it cannot equip other slots. The Goo is the true hero, though.

Beside our favorite Green Goo, there are four other new heroes, each with their own thing. Their abilities and stats are different, so you can try them all out and have a different experience playing. Murphy is great, for example (not that others are bad).

Possibly the most important part of the update is the full controller support. Finally, as Dustin said himself, after lots of time spent implementing this feature, it became possible to play with a controller. This works for the PC version, of course, so Steam players will be delighted. As he noted, there are lots – and I do mean loooots – of clickable things, and to make the controller support you have to consider each and every one of them to be easily accessible. Being a game dev myself, I can tell you that this is a nightmare to build if the game didn’t have the support from the get go.

Another very important feature that this Mega Update brought (as you can see, it truly is mega) is the save file transfer. Basically, you can import and export your save files to any device. So if you have been playing on Android, you can toss your save onto the PC port and continue your game! The best way to send this save file to yourself is to simply use email. You just paste the save file into the game on the device where you want to play. Naturally, this works when you also want to make a backup save on the same device.

There is the matter of a price change to be mentioned, which I consider very fair. Auxier said that he will increase the price of the game for PC from $4.99 to $9.99 and for mobile devices it will go from $2.99 to $5.99. If you have the game already though, don’t worry – the update is free. He said that he didn’t want it to be a paid DLC, but he wanted to raise the price as he considered that it was his mistake that the game was always underpriced, which is fair enough, especially with tons of new content that was added with this patch. As I said, it’s almost one full new game. When you think about it, mobile games offer packs of diamonds that you use to grow your dragons for a hundred bucks, so this is nothing because the game is really worth it.

Lastly, in a personal note, Dustin said: “It’s around 3 years after the release of the game and I’ve always been pleased with how the game turned out and its reception, but this update especially feels like a more complete conclusion to the development process. The Enchanted Cave 2 will now feature everything that was originally envisioned and more, and at a fair price that will further support myself as I work on my next game. Thank you to everyone who is a fan of the game for your support, bug reports, suggestions, and sharing it with your friends, and an extra thank you to my original kickstarter backers who funded the development of the game because none of this would have happened without your generosity!”.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have played the game before, it now awaits you with tons of new content, and if you haven’t, but like these types of games – you won’t regret getting this one. Have fun!