The Fantasy Kingdom of Elvenar Awaits You

Elvenar is a city-building MMO developed by InnoGames GmbH and released in 2015. Elvenar is free and you can play it at InnoGames website if you don’t choose to install iOS or Android versions.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Elvenar where you get to choose to play humans or elves and build your city. As the ruler of the town, you need to help your people to prosper by developing the land. Most of the buildings in the game can be upgraded which will change them visually and boost their productivity. This includes factories, residential buildings, workers’ huts and many others that will help turn your small settlement into a full-blown kingdom. If you play elves, you will have at your disposal their powerful magic, while humans will be good at creating weapons.

The graphics make Elvenar look attractive to play, coupled with the artwork, UI, and animations that really show the true effort from the developers. The world map uses a hex-based system which allows players to go to other locations and complete trade, quests, and battle. Additionally, the hex grid is also there so players can build their own army and fight the AI. The battles are turn-based and require a strong strategy to win, which is to expect from this kind of game.

However, besides the combat, you can also use a more diplomatic approach and negotiate with the AI. This means that you will end up spending coins or accepting its supremacy, but at least you will save lives and avoid battle. As you advance, you will unlock new tech that will help you improve your city and army. The resources are divided into three categories: basic goods, handmade goods and magical goods and you will use them to trade and build upgrade your land.

Nonetheless, the beginning of the game is a little bit slow since all you do is build and upgrade. The AI can sometimes be really tough to beat, which is actually a nudge for the players to buy boosts and spend some real money. But, that is how free-to-play games work so it’s more of a nuisance than a remark. Elvenar doesn’t have a PvP mode, just PvE so that is a little bit disappointing although it doesn’t make the game any less entertaining to play. Maybe we can expect PvP mode and matches in the future, although InnoGames is a pretty busy and successful developer so it could take a while.

All in all, this is a fun city-building game that will appeal to your love of fantasy and good strategy gameplay. Both races have their advantages to play, but the real challenge will be to overcome the AI which can be really tricky sometimes. But take it slow, carefully consider your moves and check the bulletin boards for some advice, since the Elvenar community is wonderful and always there to help.




All in all, this is a fun city-building game that will appeal to your love of fantasy and good strategy gameplay.

User Rating: 4 ( 1 votes)