The first “Iron Harvest” Alpha demo is here

Remember when we wrote about “Iron Harvest“, a title that seems to be walking in the steps of the old school RTS games? Much to our pleasure, the game seems to be moving along just fine, since a playable “First look alpha” demo is now available to the supporters.

This Alpha-1 demo features two game modes and fifteen playable units (only the first five of the infamous alternate 1920s mechs are playable right now, while more than a dozen of them have been designed so far). This demo will be available for all the backers until December this year, when the Alpha-2 demo, with a heavy focus on multiplayer, is supposed to be released.

The Alpha-1 trailer shows how important the use of buildings, fences, and trenches as cover will be in the final game, making it a slow burner with a heavy emphasis on tactics and patience. It also promises that the final game will have over thirty mechs and exo-skeletons, each one with a different set of abilities. Another interesting variable is the fact that you can change your infantry soldiers’ class by equipping them with different weapons. Many different variables that can be seen in this demo promise a dynamic game that will suit many varying play styles.

The developers take special pride in the AI they’ve created for Skirmish matches, claiming that it is already so advanced that beating it on the Hard difficulty setting is something not everyone could pull off. Another aspect that they seem to be especially proud of is the focus that the game puts on building and maintaining a base, which is a feature that the backers have been strongly demanding.

The full game is supposed to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in late 2019. All that we’ve seen so far seems to prove that “Iron Harvest” will be an instant classic well worth the wait. The game is clearly a labor of love, and the admiration and respect for its predecessors can be felt and seen already. If you want to experience the game yourself, head over to the game’s website and pre-order your copy. King Art, the German developer behind this title seems to be heavily engaged with the game’s community, so there is even a possibility that a piece of your feedback will become reality in the final version of the game.