Resident Evil Project Resistance

The first trailer is here for Resident Evil Project Resistance

Resident Evil Project Resistance first trailer just dropped showing what the new game has in store for all diehard fans out there. The cinematic trailer shows insanely good action, with a familiar vibe of the old games, and reveals that the Tyrant, who debuted in Resident Evil 2 Remake, is back. The upcoming release is announced by Capcom as a team-based accomplishment which will focus on letting people i.e. players experience the terror of the old school horror-survival franchise together, with new content and never better gameplay, so check out the teaser:

Even if it’s only a teaser, the reveal is gaining momentum as almost 400k people saw it in the first 24 hours. Capcom unveiled Resident Evil Project Resistance earlier, and after months of leaks, rumors, and speculations we still don’t really know anything about the game. All the fans have recognized is the hand of the Tyrant. However, speculations also circulated about a specific multiplayer experience this upcoming game will offer, and we got a confirmation on Tokyo Game Show, which is where the teaser was first unveiled.

Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

Further teaser trailer analysis shows that we have four characters fighting together through a technological building of some sort. They use improvised melee weapons, guns, and explosives to take out a wave of zombies. They are holding their ground together, while in another location, we see a shadowy figure in what appears to be an Umbrella lab, known very well to all fans of the series. This title promises that many types of enemies Umbrella Corporation has nurtured in previous installations will make their appearance here, including iconic enemies which gave the players the most of the chills.

Resident Evil Wallpaper

Capcom is opening a sign-up period, from September 12 to 19, for all PS4 and Xbox One owners from Japan. The signup will give all interested parties a chance to win a closed beta test invitation. Project Resistance closed beta testing phase is set to happen on October 4 through 7, but there aren’t any more details as of yet. We also don’t have even the vaguest idea about the game’s potential release date so far, but the visitors of the Tokyo Game Show are given a chance for a hands-on demonstration if they register in advance. They are promised a chance to watch the development team gameplay demonstration, which will probably be an attendee exclusive unreleased for the general public.

Resident Evil Project Resistance is the first edition after the remake of RE2, which earned high scores on many respectable online publications. Capcom confirmed that it will be a four vs one asynchronous online multiplayer game and that it will use the same engine as Resident Evil 2 remake. With no release date set, the fans can only hope it won’t be too long after the closed beta phase.