Overwatch Season 14

The New Overwatch League Has Begun

The new Overwatch season finally begins after an exciting and turbulent off-season in which we have seen a lot of transfers, roster changes, and team management. Now, all the teams are ready for another League which has already begun on February 14th. The prize for this season is 5 million dollars, there are 20 teams participating in the league, which will be executed in the format of a regular playoff season.

All the matches will be held in Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, and the first part of the season will be held in 4 stages. The first stage began on February 14th and it will go until March 17th. The second stage starts on April 4th and it will end in May the 5th. The third stage begins from June 6th to July 7th, and 4th and final stage will take place from July 25th to August 25th.

All the teams were divided into two divisions, Atlantic and Pacific, and the best teams from those two divisions are going into the playoffs, followed by the next four teams with the best results, regardless the division. However, there is still hope even for the teams that were unable to qualify in the first four stages. All the teams placed between 7-12 will enter the sudden death mattress in which two of the best teams will go into the elimination chamber.

In the pause between the second and third stage of the qualifications, there will be an All-Star tournament, in which the best players from all teams will unite into “super teams” and take on each other.

The first stage already began and some teams already distinguished themselves, but it is still too early to make any predictions considering how harsh the competition is. We will keep informing you about the Overwatch league, and hope you will enjoy this year’s season as much as we do.