Hero Duke Heinrich

The Ruler of Delcart and Ice Mage from Delcart entered the fray!

On Wednesday 5th December 2018 NetMarble introduced us with another 2 Heroes – Belle and Grand Duke Heinrich. BlueMoonGame took time and tried those two in action before we placed them in our Knights Chronicle roster.

Grand Duke Heinrich is a Ruler of Delcart who is known as benevolent person troubled by outgoing war with Haldrea Kingdom. He can be manipulative at the time trying to reach his political goals but his care for people is well known and he is currently very unhappy since he neglected his public duties because of the military situation. Grand Duke Heinrich is not only a politician – he is a brave warrior whose leadership skills improve the abilities of Duchy of Delcart’s finest military unit known as Dark Knights. He is trained to strike multiple targets with each of his skills and his damage output is increased with every surviving ally. Heinrich defense also depends on the number of surviving allies making his damage taken decreased with each active ally. Grand Duke Heinrich is a LIght Attack Hero and his contribution to any roster should not be underestimated.

Grand Duke Heinrich

Belle is another Hero from the Grand Duchy of Delcart. She studies at the Magic Academy and she is known as Ice Mage because of her skills and her low body temperature. Obviously, she is a master of Ice Magic and she is capable of chaining her freezing skills to other Heroes who are water-based. Whenever an enemy is frozen Belle is awarded a shield and additionally when her HP drops below 50% she gains a full restoration of her HP (once per battle). Her first skill can decrease cooldowns of second and third skill which has a big chance to freeze multiple enemies. Belle’s ability to freeze in almost every turn makes her one the strongest heroes in the game currently and she is definitely one of the best Hybrid Heroes if not the best. This means that every player should obtain her as soon as possible.

Hero Belle

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