The Walking Zombie Review

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter Review

Why delve into The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter mobile game? Why go for another zombie shooter? Well, the multitude of zombie games on the mobile gaming market has had several positive effects on the entire industry, and number one is that tough competition forces developers to always improve their products. And, this title has brought several innovative and advanced improvements for the FPS genre. Respective to mobile phone gaming, we are not reviewing the PC version on Steam, which has its own different pros and its release date is set for August 2019. Now, we are reviewing the Android & iOS app.

Development and reception

The Walking Zombie 2 is both developed and published by Alda Games, which is a studio from Brno, Chech Republic. As far as mobile games go, they are behind such titles as Build Battle Craft, World War Polygon, Crafting Dead: Pocket Edition, and other, all interesting and innovative games in their own right. On Google Play, The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter Android so far stands at 4.6 stars out of over 23 thousand votes, which is impressive. iOS version of the game is not out yet as it seems.

The Story

The game begins with an ominous scene. A pregnant mom got infected with the zombie virus and she is delivering a baby with her zombie mutation nearing. She is at a camp with other human survivors, who are all debating whether or not to kill her immediately. The baby is born just moments before the final turn, and zombie mom gets gunned down as she kills two humans at the camp. That baby is you and it is through this prologue that you choose a name for your character or you log in with your store account.

This starting scene is also where you get your tutorial part of the game, as you shoot down some zombies and save the newborn. This baby being born is considered the birth of a hero for humanity and it is believed that this child is the one who will end the war. The story skips 20 years forward, as our hero is celebrating his 20th birthday and is lying drunk in a human camp. You get about to meet the members and shoot down zombies and the rest of the game is pure gold as far as the story goes, so no more spoilers.

The Walking Zombie 2’s storytelling capability is quite surprising. At first glance, this looks like a budget game with just shooting zombies as its main prerogative. However, it is, in fact, story-driven, and very good at that. All characters that you meet are very much lively and dialogues are especially realistic and good, with people really talking like a post-zombie-apocalyptic bunch of tough MFs. Also, this game has its own sense of humor, and a sense of keeping the player in suspense and entertained, not just busy.


The Walking Zombie 2 is a Zombie shooter, as the name implies obviously, but this game boasts some well-organized FPS mechanics and controls. It brings several new solutions to old first-person shooter problems, at least for mobile phone play. Those innovations mainly concern the all-powerful inventory button which, in this game, has everything. It represents a simplified and the ultimate method of organizing RPG and progression elements into an FPS mobile game.

Firstly, its control system is absurdly simple but it does the job perfectly. Like in many other FPS mobile games, you swipe across the screen with one finger for movement and you swipe with the other for aiming. But, in this game, the entire screen is divided into two equal fields for this purpose, and you can swipe any part of the screen you select is designated for movement, by choosing it in options. Swiping anywhere on the other half will aim. Double tapping the aiming part of the screen or holding it a bit longer will zoom to aiming mode, and firing is done automatically of course.

The second and biggest advantage this shooter has over competitor games is its ultimate inventory gaming mechanic. In The Walking Zombie 2 mobile game, everything you need is in your inventory screen, including map and zone controls, character progression and upgrades, items, ammunition, rewards, and money, etc… This means that by traversing into another zone to pursue certain quests is done by simply entering your inventory, selecting the zone, and taping on ‘travel’. No more walking around and seeking for the right direction, just three taps and go.


This is where this game sticks to old school pixel art, looking mostly like the early Minecraft editions. Okay, it is a bit more advanced than that, but the models are basic, textures are rugged, rendering and shading are non-existent, but it also makes this game run smoothly and take up small memory space. Overall, you will get used to its looks quickly and it will reward you accordingly.


The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter



The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter mobile game is a must-try for all FPS lovers who want a good pocket zombie shooting game. It is very much story-driven and has incredibly well-sorted controls. Its graphics are a bit simplified. It is pixel art at its, well, scariest, but overall it is a good way to spend time.

User Rating: 3.4 ( 1 votes)