Zynga Tiny Royale

Tiny Royale – Snapchat’s battle royale

Snapchat battle royale game, Tiny Royale, is now out and the title alone lets you know it’s epic. Tiny Royale Zynga is therefore made exclusively for Snap Games, according to the developer and the recent online announcement. The best part is that it is out now and playable and overly positive reviews are already coming in.

The famous social gaming company, Zynga, now has a decade and a half of a very strong presence in the browser, social, and pocket gaming world. This move to get an exclusive game for Snapchat may be a part of an intern deal or their plan to aspire further up the chain. The platformer will naturally feature multiplayer mode and will try and profit off of the massively populated social media environment with an easy, fun, and engaging content.

Tiny Royale battle royale Snapchat game will be a multiplayer, top-down, shooter that uses the battle royale system in a social media platform, which is in and of itself interesting. It lets players choose their custom-made characters and play online in a co-op with their friends from Snapchat. Naturally, solo queue is supported and the game features short rounds of approximately two minutes time.

Out of the entire Snapchat social media pool, up to 30 players can compete in a single Tiny Royale battle extravaganza. The doors are open and, beginning today, the players can already dive in and try to challenge their social media comrades on Snapchat. In-game communication is supported via both voice and text-based methods and the social platform also offers live chat, which only adds up to the fun.

Tiny Royale Snapchat battle royale promises to be a lot of fun. The developers also promise a ranked matchmaking system – Tiny Royale Leagues, which will provide a more competitive experience and allow placement in top 100 on a single board. The ranked matchmaking mode is coming at summertime, so go on and get an early foothold in the community.