Top 5 Best and Biggest PVP MMO Moments In Gaming History


Massively Multiplayer Gaming system surely changed the experience for all of us back when it started and upped the stakes remarkably. In the early ‘00s, the expansion of the multiplayer experience took over the world and it still dominates the gaming market. Esport events became even more popular and the gaming industry never looked back since.

However, some events in MMO left their mark and will forever be remembered in history, like Leeroy Jenkings’ epic Onyxia wipe, or some of the final matches in StarCraft, or boss kills in WoW. Be that as it may, these top 5 picks represent events with the most money spent or most players involved, or they may simply be situations where players went to great lengths to beat the system and make the game a living hell for other opponents. These are our Top 5 Best PVP MMO Moments ever.

  1. Fansy The Famous Bard

For those who don’t know, EverQuest is among the MMORPG pioneers, being released in 1999. It is a 3D fantasy game developed by 989 Studios and Verant Interactive, and it was made for PC and Sony Online, which was pretty progressive for that age. The game surely did move boundaries and was ahead of its time, with a fairly advanced engine for the end of the ‘90s.

This PVP event happened on the EverQuest PVP server named Sullon Zek and it brings us to a player who named his character Fansy. Now, the rules of this particular server enabled new players to get their hold on the world before PVP was enabled, by making them invulnerable to player-based damage until they reached level 6. This was a new server, released when the game was quite popular, so quite many high-level players migrated there to get ahead of others and get a foothold in the brave new world.

Fansy the Bard was a newly created bard and in EverQuest, bards were apt at summoning creatures. He reached level 5 and then stopped gathering experience so that he would retain the invulnerability indefinitely, and just began spam-summoning sand giants. EverQuest was not as advanced as WoW for instance, where players simply cannot use any abilities on low-level characters in their starting area, it allowed for targeting and attacking. The only difference is, while fancy was invulnerable, nobody else was, and the amassed sand giant army could overwhelm even high-level characters and defeat them.

He ended up having his fun and pissing off many EverQuest pros, but he was quickly reported and the game moderators removed did not ban him but instead just removed his invulnerability. Fansy was killed hunted and ganked indefinitely from then on.  

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale – WSOE $100,000 Tournament

As we all know, Fortnite struck a chord with most of the gaming community, regardless of the platform. It just seems like everyone plays it, as the game became extremely popular right from the start, right at its release in the middle of 2017. Fortnite Battle Royale gave birth to many incredibly fast and creative players and some pretty epic online moments.

This match took place at the final of the last year’s WOSE 2018 Tournament, with a $100,000 cash prize at stake. This final circle was an epic clash of 100 of what is considered the true pro Fortnite players. Halfway to the match, the game turns into a puzzling architecture extravaganza, but when the storm becomes narrow towards the end, things really become hectic and insanely fun. But, don’t trust us, watch yourself and feel your adrenaline levels rising:

  1. World of Warcraft – Southshore vs. Tarren Mill

Now, when World of Warcraft came out, it certainly did not invent or reinvent the genre as many say it did, but it damn well pushed the envelope even further than its predecessors. And, okay it did its part in popularizing the MMO phenomenon, but beside its online socialization interactions, the best part about WoW for most players was its PvP combat. It was in WoW that the term ‘ganking’ was invented.

In the first year of its release, WoW did not have any battlegrounds or arenas, and yet Alliance and Horde could attack each other anywhere in the world, on any server. Some zones quickly became hot spots for these massive PVP wars, and Hillsbrad Foothills was the first. It is located just north of Ironforge, and features towns for both Alliance and Horde, in close proximity. The towns had guards but no walls or fences. At certain points, there were as high as several hundred of players waging war at the same time. And the strangest thing was, there was no reward, no PVP goal. Just pure awesomeness players still reminiscent about today.

  1. League of Legends 2018 MSI Grand Finals – 127 Million Viewers – Most Watched Esports Match Ever

The Mid-Season Invitational Grand Finals in 2018 was one of the most anticipated events in Esports history, with the majority of viewership and both teams from Asia. The match was between Royal Never Give Up (China) and Kingzone DragonX (Korea) and it was held on May 20th, 2018. Both teams played conservatively at start but over the course of four matches, things got pretty wild as the countless people from the audience began cheering like at a stadium. The gravity of the event left everyone stunned, while RNG claimed their first international championship title.

This 2018 MSI Grand Final Championship represents one of the most important days in League of Legends and gaming history, for the event attracted an estimated 127 million viewers. This Esports Charts historical event reports that 126 of 127 million viewers were from Asia also. The total amount of hours watched per viewer grossed at over 2 billion hours, with an 85 hour air time in total throughout the event.

  1. EVE Online – Bloodbath of B-R5RB – $330.000 Real Money Spent

This extraordinary event transpired on January 27-28th, 2014, and it undoubtedly represents the biggest MMORPG player versus player battle in the history of gaming. The conflict was between the (CFC) Clusterfuck Coalition and their allies the (RUS) Russian alliances against the N3 and the (PL) Pandemic Legion. The conflict lasted for 21 hours and had a total of 7548 players participating, peaking with 2670 participants at any one time.

If you haven’t played eve online, the majority of in-game content is supported by an in-game currency which can be bought and translated to real money worth easily. The total amount of ships, cruisers, and destroyers lost in the B-R5RB, by both sides, accounts to a total of up to $330.000 real-life money’s worth.

And, as it so often goes, the entire conflict began over a small trifle. It was all over a single conflict at a small space station controlled by a single player. That player failed to make a maintenance payment scheduled as part of a routine maintenance charge. The system was controlled by N3/PL, and after the missed payment for that single station, the entire system became vulnerable to attack, and the CFC/Rus coalition took their chance. Ships began flying in more and more, but after the first large capital ship was destroyed, it was clear this war isn’t going to end well for either side.

Vastly outnumbered, the N3/PL held their own, but after 20 hours and countless losses on both sides, they ordered a retreat. The retreat was interrupted by CFC/Russ coalition as they wanted to chase down their remaining ships and prevent space warp. The entire battle was interrupted by the scheduled daily maintenance server disconnect.