Thursday, November 22

Top 5 FTP mobile games


With monetization of video games came the whole new vocabulary of gaming phrases and their abbreviations, like Free to Play or FTP, Massively-Multiplayer Online game or MMO, and the infamous Pay to win or PTW. These coined phrases are aplenty, and while the gaming market is now probably at its widest and highest level of expansion that’s it’s ever been, players still prefer free to play games.

Good morning, captain obvious!

It’s no real news that people would preferably get something for free than pay for it, but the gaming industry seems to have found a solution to this dilemma. Players are given free to play access, but often with an in-game currency, they can purchase for real money, which helps them in the gaming experience greatly. But, this trend is slowly going out over the recent few years, and as developers seem to realize the only thing that matters is the audience’s appreciation for the game, the real money part is being left for cosmetic and aesthetic gaming needs.

With that said, here are our top 5 mobile FTP games, with no pay to win aspect to them!

1) PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, PUBG, is a survival shooting game that has close ties with the origin of the Battle Royale game style. It was recently ported to mobile, and in all honesty, the gaming experience is almost exactly the same – epic. If you are not acquainted with the concept, you and 99 other unfortunates are parachuted on an island, where you battle in a free for all bloodbath. Only one player can win – the only survivor. But, to make matters more interesting, the map is shrinking from time to time, leaving less and less room to hide in. Also, there’s been a co-op feature adder recently, so now you can have a team, but the experience is just as scary.

2) Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale is another free to play survival shooter with that Battle Royale style gameplay. The game has been published by Epic Games, and it was often accused and even sued for being a PUBG copy, but the lawsuit was dropped. Similarly to PUBG, 100 players are parachuted to an island where they all kill each other, with only the last man standing is the winner. The game exploded with popularity, and despite the fact it only has cosmetic stuff you can purchase with real money, it has earned more than US$ 1 billion in microtransactions.

3) Marvel Strike Force

Developed by FoxNext Games, Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based action game packed with fast-paced combat, stunning visuals, and all the Marvel characters lately seen in the movie universe. The gameplay style is pretty straightforward, you select a team of 3 heroes, and you embark on missions, and also organize your base accordingly. You need energy resource to enter combat and your characters are divided into advanced roles. You level up your heroes, accessing more advanced abilities and increasing their stats, and also gather new heroes via unlock progression. The game doesn’t require a single dime to experience it fully.

4) Arena of Valor

The enormous popularity of this game is incalculable, as this game brought the MOBA genre to mobile, and it’s truly ported with incredible success. Arena of Valor features multiple game modes, offers an abundance of different characters to play with, and even has officially licensed DC universe characters. The action is fast-paced, with a single standard 5v5 match lasting for about 15 minutes or so. Most characters are purchasable with the in-game currency, with only a selected few premium being real money-only, for a time period after their release for instance. It is insanely addictive and is among the most popular mobile games in the world.

5) Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, by Supercell, has enjoyed enormous popularity since its release back in 2012. So much so, that the game has been included into world championships and has been the center of buzz and attention of epic proportions. The game’s success also caused the developer to expand the Clash universe, giving us some other titles in a similar style, but with a different take on it like Clash Royale for instance. If you haven’t played it, it is a mobile strategy video game, with a fantasy theme. The player is a chief of his village, and as he builds up his town, he either attacks others for resources or defends against attackers with the same agenda.