Top 5 Gatcha Mobile Games

Top 5 Gacha games for Mobile

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is developed by FoxNext, a studio branch of the 20th Century Fox, in a collaboration with Marvel. It is a turn-based RPG which features the hero-collector or the Gacha aspect, bringing in numerous characters from the Marvel Universe to the fold. It offers multiple in-game modes and segments for hero and player progression, from PVE and PVP, to other goals and aspects and it has grown quite popular among the mobile gaming crowd.

This game is also praised for including both heroes and villains, and featuring an in-depth look at their traits, aligeance, origin, role, flavor, and team. The team aspect functions similarly to other games of this kind, with different bonuses and opportunities for creating a well-composed strategy. We are featuring Marvel Strike Force on our site with various in-depth guides, tier lists, recommended compositions, and more. The game is well received on both Google Play, where it has a 4.3-star rating, and the iTunes App Store, where it has a 4.6-star rating and holds #34 in Role-Playing.

Marvel Strike Force - Top 5 Gacha Mobile Games

Dragon Champions

Dragon Champions deserves its spot on this list simply for its critical acclaim it enjoys on both Android and iOS. On Google Play, the game has 4.5 stars out of over 9k votes, while in the iTunes App Store it current rating goes up to even 4.9 stars. It is a free-to-play fantasy mobile RPG, with the gacha flavor, impressive graphics, and an immersive storyline. Its tactical battles in both PVP and PVE have won quite an audience, while the entire experience is described to invoke the old CPU MMORPG allure but with modern features and kicks.

Dragons and demons clash in mysterious Reflections, and we take on a squad of our own champions, which is where the gacha comes in. As per usual, there are several races, including humans, elves, orcs, pandas, goblins, and more, and they are all divided into two main factions. We can choose any of the seven races and two factions, with the opportunity to play on both sides. The team assembled can be evolved, upgraded, armed, and tweaked to make the best strategy we can come up with, and the game’s re-playability is what allowed it to reach such high acclaim

Dragon Champions - Top 5 Gacha Mobile Games

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends mobile game is so popular and praised by the community that we’ve included it in our list of regularly featured games. It is a freemium game, also available for PC, and it is developed and published by Plarium Games. It has a fantasy-themed atmosphere, with combat offered in the turn-based style and with the gacha hero collector aspect, of course. The story is set in Teleria, a fictional world, where we fight against the Dark Lord who is attacking the land and spreading war and chaos.

Its story is divided into twelve levels primarily in the single-player campaign part, while its re-playability comes through the PVP and other multiplayer functions. Players compete for ranks, resources, items, and all other rewards in the game, while the game is designed in a Western art style and has realistic models, characters, settings, and other dark fantasy-inspired moments.

RAID Shadow Legends - Top 5 Gacha Mobile Games

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile RPG is a collectible turn-based sci-fi game. It includes all the famous characters from the Star Wars franchise and brings them together in a familiar setting of a space cantina. There, various species and races presented in the movies all compete in holographic simulated battles which were also a part of the movies. Of course, Galaxy of Heroes takes on a path of its own, with unique rules, features, and content.

The game was developed by EA Capital Games and EA Mobile, while EA was the publisher of course. The game is available on Android and iOS, is free-to-play, and on Google Play it now holds an outstanding 4.4-star rating out of staggering 1,5 million+ votes. On the iTunes App Store, it has an even higher score of 4.7 stars, out of over 130k votes, and it is highly popular and critically acclaimed all around.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - Top 5 Gacha Mobile Games

Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure is another featured game on our site, and we follow it up with regular info, news, tips, and tier lists. It also holds a well-deserved spot on this list for its acclaim on both iOS and Android. On Google Play, Mobile Legends Adventure Android has a 4.7-star score out of over 300k votes, while its iOS version on the iTunes App Store has 4.8 stars.

The game is licensed and based off of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang characters and lore, and it brings them all in an Idle RPG setting with the hero collector, i.e. gacha, aspect. The game features its own story setting and it is playable off and online. That fact, paired with the IDLE part of the gameplay, makes it a very adaptable and convenient game to play and is a big part of its high critical acclaim. In battles, we organize our Hero teams around their six different power types, making our unique line-up. The strategy aspect and the progression are done in the traditional manner and the game also offers endless re-playability.

Mobile Legends Adventure - Top 5 Gacha Mobile Games