Top 5 Games For Facebook Messenger

We’re pretty sure that no one needs any Introduction to Facebook, the most popular Social Media site. With nearly 2 billion monthly active users Facebook has grown its roots deep into the world and it is inseparable from it. Most of Facebook users log in to the app daily and Facebook knows how to make its users hooked on the platform.

You can find a lot of popular games on Facebook, games like Candy Crush, Subway surfers, Farmville and Dragon City. These games grew really popular thanks to Facebook. Now this social media site contains thousands of games. Therefore, finding the best Facebook game is really tough and challenging. To make your choice easier, we picked some of the most popular Instant games on Facebook and Facebook messenger. On this list, you can find the best instant games, war games, Arcade, strategy and other kinds of games you can play on Facebook.

I guess some of you wonder why would anyone play these tiny games. There is an interesting answer to this question. There are much better and complex games you can download from the stores. But these games can only be played individually. The games you play on Messenger have an upside in the ability to play them with the people you interact with on Facebook. Be it your old school friends or colleagues, you can enjoy some social activity and have some fun.

Apart from this, you don’t have to install apps for every game you wish to try. The only platform you need for these games is Facebook itself since all the games are installed within. This is the best option for users who own budget Android devices that are bound to low internal memory and for those who are looking for low memory Android games.


EverWing is by far the most popular Instant game on Facebook, amassing more than 10 million players. The game has a simple theme and falls into the category of arcade games. EverWing is an HTML5 based game with stunning graphics and visuals. The best part of the game are its events which are similar to completing missions in a stipulated time frame. The most loving part of the game are the tiny little dragons and monsters that appear throughout.


  • Stunning Visuals
  • Always updated with the latest events.
  • Playing together with friends is fun


  • Same Gameplay every time and there isn’t anything new.
  • Missions take too long to complete.
  • There isn’t a proper guide or info about completing missions.


You might be familiar with the popular card game UNO. This is the online, Facebook version of that game you can play with your friends on Facebook. You can even play with random friends on Facebook and messenger. The game has several modes to try and play.

Just like the card game, you stack cards that match with similar color or number which is present on top of the card stack. UNO will reward your good play, and if you stand victorious it will give you coins. Of course, if you end up last, the coins will be taken from you. In this way, you have to earn coins and play with others. There’s another way to earn coins, and it’s by referring your friends and inviting them to play.


  • Different game modes.
  • Random mode and simple design.
  • Built-in live chat with other players.


  • No high-end visuals.
  • Looks like old school design.

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

This may sound strange, but 8 Ball Pool started as a board game, and it was really successful, so Miniclip made the equally successful Messenger game out of it.

It is the world’s best pool game and is available on various mobile platforms. In the effort to increase the popularity of the game, Miniclip has also launched the lighter version on Facebook Instant games platform where players can play it in a matter of moments.


  • It is a massive multiplayer game to play with friends Online.
  • Even though it is a lighter version it has all the features and graphics.
  • The tutorial will help you get started easily.


  • It takes time to load completely and consumes more resources.
  • Can only be played with friends who are online and are available. If they don’t respond you have to choose another.
  • Doesn’t work on the PC.


Chess is definitely the best board game to sharpen your mind. It helps kids to think and grow. These days not everyone really plays on physical chess boards. There are several chess titles, available for play on every platform.

The online version of Chess game has various advantages. If you lack any friends to play against, you can play alone against computer players and improve your strategy.

For the people that don’t want to install any app in order to play Chess, there’s an instant version of the game inside the Facebook app.


  • Multiple game modes.
  • Can play with random players.


  • Not a visual feast.
  • Game sounds aren’t good.

Cookie Crush


Cookie crush

Love Candy Crush? Then you will surely like this lighter version of the Candy Crush Saga. This isn’t the official version of the game but a similar game which can be played instantly on Facebook and Messenger. The theme of the game is pretty much familiar to you as it resembles Candy Crush Saga. In order to crush cookies, you have to match them, and you get points and rewards for that. Also, you have to complete missions to move onto next level. This is an alternative to Candy Crush but a similar game that doesn’t require the installation of any other app. It is fast and exciting.


  • Easy to play.
  • Not many odds.
  • Doesn’t require you to send hundreds of requests.
  • Offers many rewards.


  • No challenging levels.
  • No mods available to unlock levels and powers.


Facebook isn’t just liking, commenting and sharing photos, it’s more than that. You can get many things from the blue-walled social world. Be it information, things happening in your community or friends circle you can get all sort of information from Facebook. Apart from this Facebook is a hub for entertainment. You can watch videos, shows and you can even play Games on Facebook. It is a one-stop place for everything. You can consume all kinds of content on Facebook. Facebook is a platform not only for the social interaction, but also for entertainment with news, videos, and games.

But, one fair warning. All Facebook apps access your personal info that you made public, and that goes for instant games too. Just be aware of which information you share publicly.

Meanwhile, you can control your privacy settings on Facebook and can manage what information you can share with these third-party apps.