Top 5 Mobile Games July 2019

Top 5 Mobile Games for July 2019

Mobile gaming industry is ever-growing and ever-expanding, re-imagining old genres, fusing them together, and also producing new trends all the time. The latest one is of course what is often dubbed auto chess genre. It began as a Dota 2 mod and is now represented in Dota Underlords and other games. More games of this genre arrive by the day, but other gaming delights are also represented in stores daily. These 5 are our top picks for this month, taking into account the latest trends, but also cool ways of refreshing old school genres.

1. Heroic Magic Duel

Developed by Nordeus, Heroic Magic Duel is a real-time strategy epic that lets the players compete in arenas, prepare their units and strategy, while the units move automatically. It focuses on providing the player the ability to manage his army in real time, behind the scenes sort to say. However, games such as this doesn’t take away from the gaming experience in any way, they just shift the focus to an entirely different aspect. Instead of micromanaging your units on the battlefield, you don’t issue movement commands and they battle on their own, while the player can remain entirely dedicated to macro-management and organizing reinforcements.

The player watches the battle and plays the cards deemed best at a certain moment, like some sort of a manager for his army, handling all other aspects behind the scenes. Thus, it’s no wonder why Nordeus delved into this genre, after their initial worldwide success with Top Eleven football manager mobile game. In terms of the setting, Heroic Magic Duel is, of course, an entirely different game. It is set in a fantasy world. The battlefields have multiple lanes, and the players port their units from cards, expanding their resources and unit supply. The game is especially praised for its multi-play flavor.

2. Mobile Legends Adventure

After the enormous success of MLBB, Moonton developed and released the next chapter in what is to be a big franchise – Mobile Legends: Adventure. MLBB initially became famous because it has pioneered the MOBA genre to mobile phones, solving many control problems and gaming mechanics along the way, used by other MOBA games even today. It also builds up its hero roster and out of that pool sprung a stream of lore that is now being explored further in this new title.

Moonton also handled the promotion for both games just right, by organizing several big events, like the MOONTON Epicon 2019 – The Future Begins global conference, during which MLA was featured along with the announcement for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Cup 2019. On Google Play, Mobile Legends: Adventure Android so far stands on 4.6 stars, out of over 60 thousand votes, which is in itself impressive.

3. Zero City

Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival represents an expansion of the ever growing zombie games extravaganza. Developers are constantly trying to find new ways to fit the thrill for the bill, or rather make zombie games both playable and fun, and alluring for a wide audience. While most developers go for improving gaming mechanics, BEINGAME LIMITED thought of expanding on the story.


Thus, Zero City mobile is a game that is first and foremost story driven. It brings an interesting take on the whole zombie apocalypse phenomena, with its gameplay on the other hand being quite familiar. You manage your shelter, build it up, and fight off zombie attacks. But, this also isn’t without its unique moments.

4. Chess Rush

Speaking of auto chess as a genre, it seems like games under its patronage are springing up every day. And, the weirdest thing is – they are all good somehow. Chess Rush is Tencent’s entry in the whole new genre extravaganza, and it is great. It improved on several things, made some unique breakthroughs, and overall managed to set off successfully. It scored 4.2 stars on Google Play, with over 35 thousand votes.

Chess Rush mobile game went ever further to reduce the match time, designing this one for easy and quick play with entire match duration being 10+ minutes. It is quicker than Dota Underlords. Also, as a countermeasure, Tencent put in more alliances and team bonuses. If you hadn’t still played any similar game, certain units of the same type gain a bonus if they are combined on the board in certain numbers. Overall, it is a fun and quick game to try and play.

5. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a game we were really delighted with. Firstly, the whole concept of simply building a game around a loot is nothing new, but saying so in the title and the whole in-your-face attitude is what works! Naturally, this isn’t the only thing, as the game itself runs incredibly well. It is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and it took #1 Top Free gaming app on Google Play immediately, scoring 4.2 stars from over 40 thousand votes.

The smoothness of the game comes from incredibly well designed controls and the pacing. Also, environments through which you move make this game a fast-paced dungeon crawler, which satisfies that most basic, ever present, omnipotent need we all have – the need for loot. Its tons of fun and a quick pick up.