Top 5 Mobile Games for October

Top 5 Mobile Games for October 2019

October has marked some important moments in mobile gaming history, no less, with the most praised titles being actually transitions of popular games and franchises to mobile. Thus, our list contains some of those. Throughout the whole month, players have been able to enjoy and test out some of the major titles for free, and while there were many which deserve a place on our list, we chose these five in our honest opinion…

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Making the transition to mobile rather late compared to other FPS games popular in the past few years, Call of Duty: Mobile still managed to mark a huge commercial success already by the end of October 2019. For its first month, the mobile version reeled in around $54M revenue and near 150 million downloads, marking history’s largest mobile video game launch. And, it also joins in on the battle royale boat, along with Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and the rest.

This game is exactly what it should be, which is a mobile adaptation of the Call of Duty first-person shooter series. It brings all fan-favorite contents, including iconic maps, weapons, and other stuff from the original games, but it also opens a whole other spectrum of new possibilities. It is free to play and available for both Android and iOS.

King of Fighters Allstar

King of Fighters Allstar

King of Fighters ALLSTAR has deserved its spot on our list for two things. Firstly, it is surprising with its sidescroller beat-em-up action RPG genre blend, rather than just being a plain fighting game. It will be familiar to all those who have played any of the titles from the series and it is pretty faithful to the original, but this mobile version naturally comes with its own allure and gameplay tweaks.

The main thing that’s different for mobile play is that most of the fighters’ moves are contextual, stepping away from the usual combo-based gameplay. But, it works just fine and the game feels like a modern Street Fighter game, which is cool considering it’s a hand-held version. It also enables managing and collecting fighters and it includes an immersive storyline, so it’s not just a simple fighter game.

Dragon Champions

Dragon Champions

As a fantasy-themed mobile RPG, Dragon Champions showed a lot of promise for its different visual style and slightly different gameplay design. Slightly, because the genre naturally has features that are traditionally mandatory and are the bread and butter of these kinds of games. Thus, along the lines of getting its own flavor, this game has delved deep into a hero collector genre possibilities.

Thus, this game brings some of the most detailed characters and heroes with deep statistics and detailed character models. The gameplay itself offers its own take on the traditional style and the players love it. On the iTunes App Store, Dragon Champions has a 4.9-star rating from over 2k votes, which is incredible. Its rating on Google Play is slightly lower and stands at 4.5 stars from over 7k votes.

Mirage Memorial Global

Mirage Memorial Global

At this point in time hero collector games are aplenty as the genre has its own appeal by default it seems. Mirage Memorial Global, however, attempts to pair hero collector, strategy, and idle genres in a fantasy environment. Its visual style is a bit minimalistic and reminiscent of Eastern Asian MMOs and other online popular titles.

It naturally based its combat mechanic on old school traditional methods, with rock, paper, scissors weakness system. Sound effects are not thrilling, but the game is alluring for the fans of this particular blend of genres. It is snappy and fast, with quick combat and plenty of hero progression for people who like a lot of content in their games. It has 4.7 stars of Google Play from out of 34k votes and a staggering 4.9-star rating on the iTunes App Store, so there’s that. 

Empire Age of Knights

Top 5 mobile games for October

Empire Age of Knights looked like a promising mobile strategy around the time it came out and its success quickly rose on both iOS and Android stores. On Google Play, this title reached its first 100k downloads milestone just days from release and now sits at a 4.3-star rating. On the iTunes App Store, it currently has 4.6 stars. 

It is a strategy mobile adaptation of the popular Empire game series. It is set in medieval times, has smooth cartoonish graphics, immersive and complex gameplay, and it has risen to every challenge so far. In its core, this is a dwelling evolve game that makes good use of strategic combat. The players naturally gather resources, create their settlement, and build an army to fight for supremacy. It offers a traditional experience in a slightly unexplored setting of medieval times, with its own visual appeal and style. 

Honorable mentions

October’s top 5 mobile game list is of course too short to include all the titles we loved and enjoyed playing. So, no list would be complete without these honorable mentions, and they include: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EU, Monolisk, Perfect World Mobile, Storyscape, Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games, Reky, Bad North: Jotunn edition, and American Dad Apocalypse Soon.